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              This is David i think most of the regulars will know me by now, but for our newer subscribers please check any of my previous reviews for James, F2W or LTB it will tell you more, if you have any questions please ask. Right onto Hot Horses this is written by Michael Pang, also the gentleman who is offering the new laying service which is also being reviewed by me on this site. Now you could class Hot Horses as both a system and  a service, because you are getting a 8 page PDF manual explaning the rules and a 3 months free e-mail service providing you with  the selections, it is the authors intention to offer a subscription service after the free e-mail trial. The review for Hot Horses will last for 3 months, so that is one month with daily results and 2 months with a weekly review.

    Before i go any further this service/system will certainly not suit everyone why because the average number of selections per month is just under 10, there was one long losing spell of 32bets i have seen on the website, a spell of 5 losing months was seen also. To counteract the losers there was one winning spell of 5 bets, there was consecutive winning months of 5,7 and 8 . So what is Hot Horses it is a 16 rule system for selecting outsiders, the rules are split into 2 categories Static and Non Static there are 12 of the former and 4 of the last, the rules cover class of race, weight, going etc. Working out the selections on a busy day could be time consuming so it is just as well he has an e-mail service, although a speedier approach to compiling a short list of selections is shown in the manual. The e-mails are sent by 11am on racing days and list the definite qualifier(s) or potential qualifiers, now for definite qualifiers you can back them straight away if you wish. As for potential selections or in the rare case the e-mail states maybe a potential qualifier at so and so time at this meeting or that meeting you need to check your e-mails 30 minutes before the quoted race time for confirmation that they are definite selections or not.

     So can you make money the answer is yes if  you believe the website, the Strike Rate for the nearly 6 years of results is 12.61% with an average price of 18.56 so by being more selective it would appear that the author has doubled the chances of the outsider winning.  An average profit of 180 points per year and there was no losing years shown on the website, once again lets see what happens during the review. The author recommends a bank of 80 points and with1 point level stakes, of course you  could increase stakes as the bank grows, all prices are to Betfair SP and the suggested minimum odds to bet on  is 6.5. If the review was successful it could be a useful addition to someone’s portfolio who does not have an outsider system, overall Hot Horses is for long term profit making, will certainly be a roller coaster ride with big highs and big lows. So the review will start on 26th December i have tried as much as i can to cover most aspects, but if you have any questions please ask. There are two positives so far, the author answered my e-mail question very politely and quickly, also payment is by Paypal not Clickbank.  Please remember that the stats i quoted  are based on the authors website just to give you an idea, whether Hot Horses is profitable i will let you know at the end of the review, to keep in line with the other reviews on this site i will start with a 100 point bank and bet to 1 point level stakes.

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