Form Finder Pro Introduction


Form Finder Pro Introduction

form finder pro

This is an introduction to an appraisal for a piece of software called form finder pro that involves “mechanical” selections using a ratings system, whereby ALL horses in a race receive a rating, either positive or negative.

Form Finder Pro Software  is a very reasonable (£7 at the moment) piece of software, which rates horses in races where all of the OR TS and RPR ratings are available on the Racing Post website, if there are any horses that do not have a rating in each category the race is ignored, unless one of the horses which does not have a complete set of ratings is a non-runner. A word of warning – the ratings in Form Finder Pro are in reverse order to the Racing Post on the software!

There are many ways that the Form Finder Pro software can be used and a few of the author’s selections are noted below

Horses to Win/Place Back
• Top rated Horses
• Top rated horse that is clear from 2nd rated horse by at least 20
• Top rated horse that is clear from 2nd rated horse by at least 20 and is POSTDATA Pick
• Top rated horse that is POSTDATA pick
• Top Rated horse that is also race favourite
• Top rated horse that is a course and distance CD winner
• Top rated horse that has been selected by the most tipsters
• Top rated horse that has run within the last 14 days
• Top 2 rated providing a profit can be made

Computer Straight Forecast

Top Rated and 2nd Rated are First and Second Favourite in the same order as the Racing Post Betting Forecast

Horses to Lay
• Lowest rated horses
• lowest price of one from bottom 3 rated horses
• Favourites when more than half the field have a higher score
• Favourites that have a negative score

There are seemingly endless ways that this Form Finder Pro software can be utilised,

[Click Here To See Form Finder Pro]

Happy Punting!

Sgt Philip – Reviewing Form Finder Pro

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars

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  • Larey says:

    Didn’t find the software to be any good. I asked for a refund but was quickly refused. Bad customer service!

  • Rick says:

    Hi a guy released this formular in preperation for his course; it was easy to replicate on excell. However have bought this and trust me the kinks are ironed out and no hard work 🙂 Its directional but as always the final decision is ours when it comes to the bet.

  • Sgt Philip says:

    Hi Mark

    For £7 or £6.52 depending on the exchange rate, this is a bargain, glad you like it!

  • Mark says:

    I have this software and no problems with any trojans etc. I have now purchased the automated version as I am very impressed with it.

  • Lyon says:

    Rita, no virus for this sofware, it’s sure.
    With a good staking plan, the software is really incredible.
    7£!!!! Just amazing!
    Thanks a lot BST.

  • Betting System Guru says:

    Hi Rita This is BST site admin.

    The software unneccessarily gets picked up as a trojan with antivirus software. The actual file is completely safe. I know because I have been using it without any problems. I also sent the file to Norton to be checked and it came back OK. They say and I wuote “There is a certain element in the software code which is used with most trojan EXE files. This software though has been checked and is cmpletely safe to use”. I hope this ends your fears.

  • Rita says:

    It does have a Trojan, and all I stated is the truth, I was looking forward to trying this out but how can it be trusted if it gets picked up as a dangerous file? are you the maker of this software David? if so have the Java code re-done without the Trojan, I have many softwares and bots to do my betting and most are in Java but none of them set off my anti virus, you know who I am because I’ve contacted you if your the maker, refund me or sort the the software out.

    RITA WHITE check your payment address’s

  • David says:

    Hi sgt philip,

    When is your review going to start please?



  • David says:

    I would disagree with, Rita and i am not being rude! I have not used the software yet.

    I have purchased it and found no viruses, ussing norton to scan it. When i say i have not used it. I mean that i haven’t actually placed any bets.

    But if you put all the information in that is required, the product does work everything out.



  • Rita says:

    I have no idea how you got this software to even run, I bought it a couple of days ago and my anti virus says its got a Trojan, so I haven’t even bothered with it, as its just not worth the risk with all my delicate info on my PC, at the end of the day I have many java softwares similar to this and none of them make my AV go nuts like this did, out of curiosity I did try to load it on a couple of other machines all with the same problem they all said it had a trojan, kaspersky, norton and mcafee, so I think the developer needs to rethink how he’s put the code together before I’d trust him/her.

    P.s I asked for a refund and they have completely ignored my request, so I would say that they have a pretty bad customer service as well.

  • Avas says:

    Hi Phil.
    I am testing this software since 10-th of September. I became more than convinced that it is useful. Especially as an calculator in Laying Favorites system. All the “Horses to Lay” ways pointed in instruction have still to be profitable.

    But I did not understand one thing there in Inro. You wrote: “A word of warning – the ratings are in reverse order to the Racing Post on the software!” What it means? As I could see all the RP ratings are entered to the form at the correct order, i.e. OR,TS,RPR
    Yes, in the cvs-file, saved by FormFinder it is wrote as in reverse order. But I think simply a mistake has been there in heading of a rating-form in cvs-file.