Place 2 Profit – Introduction


Place 2 Profit – Introduction

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The Place 2 Profit sales page says a group of racing professionals (un-named) “found the one and only way that gives us all total power and domination over all bookmakers”.

This service specialises in Place bets on Exchanges like Betfair.

There are three classes of tips sent by daily e-mail, with the selections also available to subscribers online. The idea is to get regular winnings from the daily “Hotshots” at lower odds but with a high strike rate. Less regularly there are Longshots, they don’t win as often but when they do, the idea is that they boost the profits. Then there are occasional Placepot selections aimed to win a jackpot!

The tips include multiple bets of doubles and trebles. To do this on Betfair, you have to place the bet on the first selection and if it wins, place all the returns (winnings + stakes) on the next selection.

Betfan have contacted me to say the recommended bank for Hotshots and Longshots is 50 points, with the Placepot bets being £1 fun bets outside this betting bank. The welcome message for new subscribers will include this info from now on. The tips arrive with a quote of the current trading price on the bets. But I’ll record all results to Betfair SP.

I’ve often thought backing for a Place on Betfair ought to be a way to make profits. After all it is easier to get a Place than it is to get a Win. But in practice I have never found a way to make a regular profit with the small odds offered for a Place. It will be interesting to see if Place 2 Profit can achieve this.

There are three subscription options, either £47 for one month; £94 for three months; or £141 for six months. Betfan, the publishers, are now offering a 5 day trial to new members.

The review will start tomorrow, Sunday


[Click Here to see the sales page for Place 2 Profit …]

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  • Sgt Karl Karl says:

    I wish you well on this one mate, I am all for giving a service a chance but up until Jan1st the 5 months they have been going have produced

    Hotshots -13

    Longshots -16

    so unless they have changed the way their select their criteria, I would get your failed stamp ready.