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Welcome to the JCA Racing review. My name is Tony Ryan and I have provided a brief introduction about myself elsewhere in the blog. Although I mainly prefer laying horses, I do also back them, particularly when I review my various laying systems and see the potential winners rather than losers!

JCA offers a progressive staking system, not a level staking system. This is one of the first messages (and the most important one) that you will see on their website. You can set the system to work out the exact bets to place using their online software calculator found on the software page, or you can use their “autobot” which will place your bets for you. They would obviously prefer you to sign up for their automated system, which will place all the bets for you using your Betfair account, but I was not prepared to do this for the purposes of this review. I had some very bad experiences with 2 previous systems that wiped out my entire bank before I realised what was happening! I am not for one moment saying that JCA Racing would do this, but I am not going to take the risk for now. If the system proves to be a good one then I will reconsider my position on this.

Their website says: “If you are not too keen on using our automated betting bot, or you just want to bet yourself, you can use our online staking calculator. You can manually work out how much you should be betting per horse, and you can place all your bets for yourself. This is great for members on a trial who are reluctant to add their details at first. We offer both the automated betting bot, and our online staking calculator to our members – you can use whatever you prefer!”

I would suggest that you have a look at their website www.jcaracing.co.uk as it has some good introductory explanations of how the whole system works.

Their Tips page is updated everyday by 2 p.m. and contains the tips for the day that they recommend. Generally they will provide anything from 5 to 15 tips every day. Please note that they provide racing 6 days a week, excluding Saturdays. Tips are also sent by email to all members to their registered email address.

They have a daily summary of the day’s results, complete with their detailed comments about how the day went, which is normally added after the last race of the day in the evening. The summary is uploaded to the members area and emailed to all members as well.

To use the bet calculator software, you simply enter the value of your bank (I am going to start with £1,000). You then  have the option to select your target percentage. You have the option of selecting 0.33%, 0.45%, or 0.60%. The default setting is set as 0.45% so that is what I will use for this review. This means that for each winner that they get, you can expect to make your target percentage. Once you enter your target percentage, their system will work out your profit per race. This is simply your target percentage multiplied by your bank. The higher the percentage value you select, the higher your profits will be (or losses?).

The system already has all the details for each selection of the day so you can simply input the odds as decimals or fractions and also put in the Betfair commission if you wish. The system is aware of any losses up to this point and will then calculate your bet stake for you. Simple really! That said, it does mean that you have to be there online at the start of each race so that you can put in the results of the previous race – not sure that I will be there to do that every day, but it is the daily summary of results that counts!

Assuming that everything else goes well this afternoon, I shall start the trial this afternoon. Wish me luck!

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P.S. Please let me know if you think I have missed anything out in this introduction!