Lay Bet Dominator – Introduction

Lay Bet Dominator

Sgt Colin Introduces Lay Bet Dominator

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with my latest review for  I am going to review the Lay Bet Dominator service, a straightforward horseracing tipping service which selects horses to lay on the betting exchanges. Part of the Steve Davidson stable of services, this is intended as a low liability service, selections must have odds at 3.0 or below for bets to be placed. The selections are provided by e-mail (usually the previous day to racing) and on a members only website, where the results are also published.

The service currently costs £35 per month, or £90 per quarter, or £175 for 6 months (with 1 month added on!).

The website suggests 3 potential staking plans;

a)   fixed liabilities,  whereby whatever the odds the liability remains the same on each bet in £ terms.

b)   % liabilities, whereby the liability on each bet is a fixed % of the betting bank

c)  fixed stakes, where the profit target for each bet remains the same in £ terms. Thus the higher the odds, the higher the liability.

The initial marketing suggests that bets should be placed 1 minute prior to racing, or at SP. The former requires a bot to run effectively, and it is much simpler to place the bets using Betfair’s SP. Maximum odds and the liability can be set for each bet, with a minimum liability of £10. Fixed stakes (profit target) betting would need a bot to be truly accurate at SP. All of the results are published using Betfair SP.

I shall therefore be monitoring the performance of the Lay Bet Dominator service, using Betfair SP as the odds, and for each of the 3 staking plans, starting with a 100 point bank and staking 5 points (Plan a), 5% of the bank (Plan b) and aiming for 5 points profit (Plan c).

I look forward to seeing how Lay Bet Dominator performs over our trial period, which will initially be 56 days, and which may be extended to 84 days if the results are promising.

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Sgt Colin Introduces Lay Bet Dominator