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Review Manager David-Introduces Lay Hounds

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Well just for a change i thought i would do a review of a different sport this time greyhound racing, and a service called Lay Hounds.  As the name applies it is laying dogs to lose. E-mails are sent out in good time and of course selections can  be in the morning, afternoon or evening. Now i actually started receiving selections last Monday the 11th so this will be when the actual review will commence, but i have been following the markets live for a week now because i wanted to get an idea of how they worked, one of the issues with greyhound racing is that there is no results available that give the betfair prices, both myself and Betfan who are promoting this service have tried to find a site that may offer this facility but to no avail. So unfortunately Betfan have had to record results to industry prices which is less than ideal but given there is no other option they had no choice. So the Lay Hounds  service recommends not laying a greyhound greater than 8/1(9.00) this is industry prices, now the first thing i noticed is that some of these 8/1 shots can be very high to lay on Betfair as example on Friday 15th one of the selections that was 8/1 SP was 25.00 on Betfair to lay and this was the shortest price i could get. So using my experience with Betfair Miracle  i would  suggest if using a bot or even manually set the maximum lay limit to 11.00. So do these 8/1 shots win yes occassionally in March it happened twice so i feel that fairest and safest way is to set limits both at SP and Betfair Lays prices. If you were using a bot i would set it to lay a few seconds before the off, the same manually even more so than horseracing most of the money on dogs goes on in the last minute, also liquidity can be a problem i have seen several races where over 15,000 pounds has been matched but it is a poor relation if compared to horse racing.

So what can we expect in the way of result from Lay Hounds well here is the breakdown for the last 6 months now originally some of these months included any odds but i have applied the no greater than 8/1 SP rule on them.

Layhounds Results October to March
Month No of Selections Winning Lays Strike Rate
October 44 41 93.20%
November 38 32 84.21%
December 38 31 81.58%
January 44 38 86.36%
February 39 35 89.74%
March 50 42 84%
Totals 253 219 86.58%

Not a bad strike rate,  now i would have liked to say what the average lay price and also the average odds of the losing lays (winners) was but it would be pure speculation hopefully the initial 56 day review will shed more light on this. I am hoping to acquire a bot to test this service at the moment i am following the races live so odds will be recorded to the lowest lay price i can get in the last minute of betting, i will be using 1 point level stakes and operating with a 50 point bank as per Lay Hounds the longest Losing run they have had is 3 and that happened only once so this should be enough , and i shall not be laying any greyhound over 8/1(9.00) SP or 11:00 on the lay market with Betfair. So on with the review .


RM Dave

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Review Manager David-Introduces Lay Hounds