LayEzyfootball Day 3 & 4

Hi Bloggers,

Sgt Branko here with results for LayEzyfootball  Day 3 & 4

3pts stakes per lay, with lays delivered day before the match via email. P/L after 5% Betfair commission.

Date Fixtures Lay Selection Odds Results P/L
9.2.2012 Istanbul BB v Karabukspor Karabukspor 5.4 WIN 2.85
10.2.2012 Wolfsburg v Freiburg Freiburg 5.4 WIN 2.85

Both matches with many goals and very uncertain until the end. We where a bit lucky.

Start Bank:100.00 pts

Today’s P/L: + 5.7 pts

Running Bank: 103.60 pts

See ya soon

Sgt Branko reviewing LayEzyfootball

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