Laying Odds On Favourites – Introduction

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           Its Sergeant Dave here i am going to be reviewing the new laying system “Laying Odds On Favourites” (LOF) from Matt Watson of Favourites Phenomenon fame. So whats  the difference between this and other laying systems and services quite simply put the system is the Bot, the Bot has all the system rules built in and all you have to do is read a 12 page manual on the bot. So how easy is it it took me around 20 minutes to read the manual, register and change 4 items on the bot and press GO thats it then leave it to do the rest. As the name applies the Bot will be Laying horse who have odds of 1/2 to 10/11 (Decimals 1.5 to 1.91) at Bookies prices that fill certain criterias, obviously the Betfair odds layed could be slightly different but not to greatly. The only thing you have to worry about when you set it up is how long before the race do you wish the Bot to bet: i chose 20 seconds,then there is 4 choices of Staking Plans, i picked  5% of Bank as Liability cumulative which means as the bank grows so your 5% liability becomes greater but so are your rewards. The final  2 choices are: do you want to use your Betfair Account or use a Virtual Bank , i set up a 1000 point Virtual Bank and once i came out of these options and was on the front display of the Bot i ticked Paper Trade.

     Now the author claims a 53% strike rate and an average profit of 3 points a month to Level Stakes, like all his products he points out this a long term profitable method. The longest losing run so far is seven and far as i can see the longest winning run is eight, now this bot is not cheap it will cost you 67 pounds a month or you can take advantage of a 44% discount and buy it on an annual subscription of 497 pounds which works at 41.42 pounds a month which is considerably cheaper. You can make a profit on level stakes but it would have to be to fair stakes to cover the cost of the Bot as well , thats where the percentage of  the Bank Staking comes in or percentage of  Bank Liability i chose the later because it produced rather impressive figures as shown on the LOF website if you started with 2000 in January 2008 by December 2009 this figure it stood at 112000. Now whether we will see a rapid rise in the bank during the 8 to 12 weeks review i very much doubt because it takes several months before you get to the figures that starts bringing in the bigger wins, but if we can see an upward curve and it is ahead of level stakes then we are on the right track. Anyway lets see what the next 8 weeks or 12 weeks produces and  if it does all it is suppose to do and  see how reliable the Bot is.


 Sgt Dave

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