Laying Spring Profits – Final Review Summary

Laying Spring Profits

Sergeant Tony-Reviews Laying Spring Profits


Hi Bloggers,

Today is 31st May and the final day of the three months for this system review.

You will no doubt be familiar with Chris Castell and his Laying Winter Profits, Laying Summer Profits and Laying Autumn Profits systems. In a somewhat unsurprising move, Chris rounded off the whole offering by announcing the launch of Laying Spring Profits!

Laying Spring Profits runs from 1 March to 31 May and therefore completes the whole twelve month cycle. In March, Laying Spring Profits concentrates on UK National Hunt racing, whilst in April and May Laying Spring Profits concentrates on UK Flat racing. For all three months, the lay odds must lie between 1.75 and 6.30 on Betfair and Chris recommends only putting your lays on a few minutes before the off, to ensure that you can get within this price range. Laying Spring Profits will select horses to lay regardless of their price, so it is quite usual to receive lots of selections for the day that do not end up as qualifying selections because their price is above or below this recommended price range. To keep things simple, Chris uses the Betfair SP when calculating his results, but users of Laying Spring Profits may well obviously get better or worse prices dependent upon the time at which they place their bets.

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There were 92 days in the review period from1st March to 31st May. Of those 92 days, there were 15 days with no qualifying selections and 77 days with qualifying selections. We had a total of 350 selections of which 257 won money for us (i.e. they lost their races) and 93 lost money for us (i.e. they won their races). That gives us an effective strike rate of 73% (equals 257/350).

Throughout the review we staked £100 on each qualifying selection so that £100 equals 1 point at level stakes. After the three months of our review period we recorded a loss of -£1,748 which equates to -17.48 points at level stakes. This is not what the title of the system implies should have happened!

At the end of the first month, March, we were £805 in profit (8.05 points) and at the end of the second month (April) we were still £677 in profit (6.77 points). It all went Pete Tong in May, where we lost a bundle, to put it mildly. Chris said that he had never experienced such a bad month of losses before, but the facts are the facts, as far as our review goes.

The longest consecutive winning run was 20 (we had runs of 15, 12, 11 and 10 on occasions). Believe it or not, our longest consecutive losing run was only 4 – and this only happened twice! The ‘problem’ with this system is that the upper odds limit is set quite high in my opinion (at 6.30) so you don’t need too many lays to go wrong at that price before you start losing large amounts. If a lay wins the race at 6.30 then you obviously need another 5.3 selections to lose their races to break even again. That said, the system was in profit for the first two months of the review, so it may well be that we were just unlucky in May – only time and next year will tell.

The basic system (an easy to understand manual, together with some really comprehensive videos showing you how to use Laying Spring Profits) costs £97 and you have the option to receive the selections by email every day for £198 or £75 per month. On that basis, we would need to have made £97 profit to break even on the manual or £295 to break even on the email selections option. Obviously, as we did not make any profit, these break even figures are somewhat redundant. We cannot calculate a return on liability as we did not make a return!

The manual was very easy to understand and the videos left no doubts as to how to use the system, so full marks to Chris for that side of the deal. The emails were always prompt and reliable, the website results were regularly updated and Chris was quick and helpful in his responses to emails and phone calls with my questions. All in all, Chris offers superb support for all of his systems and is extremely approachable and quick to respond to questions (this is the third of his systems that I have reviewed). He gets full marks for all these areas, which is a shame, as the system was unable to make us any money!

Chris is very keen to point out that he regards all four of his systems as being part of a whole ‘package’ which punters can use to bet all year around. If one of the ’seasons’ does wobble a little, it should be recouped by the next ’seasonal’ system. This is an interesting approach. There are many systems out there that only look at All Weather racing, or only look at Flat or NH racing, so there is a lot of merit in his approach of using a month by month set of rules and criteria to allow for different conditions etc.

Despite all of the plus points, with a loss of this size there is no other result but Failed.

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I am reviewing Laying Summer Profits next, so let’s hope that it fares a little better!

Kind regards

Sgt Tony

Sergeant Tony-Reviews Laying Spring Profits