Tuesday 3rd May

No selections today.

The review has now run for 55 betting days and needs just one more betting day before we can bring matters to a close.

When I write up the final review, I will also include the P/L for the author’s recommended stakes for each individual bet although had I followed his recommendations the bank would have gone bust weeks ago!

I chose the 5% liability staking plan as that is what he advised in the “Welcome” email. The final review will also include the P/L if laying at 1 point level stakes as is now required by BST admin.


Cumulative Strike Rate: 76.0% (105/138)

Bank B/F + 105.13 points

P/L today   0 points

Bank C/F  + 105.13 points

Starting Bank:  200 points

Cumulative P/L: minus 94.87 points

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Sgt Jon