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Sunday 15th May

Laytime Soccer

Sargeant Jon- Reviews Laytime Soccer


Hi Bloggers,

Apologies for the late submission of this review summary.

Laytime Soccer is a tipster service that costs £40 per month or £90 for three months. Tips are sent by email and arrived promptly around mid morning every day. If there were no tips for the day, an email was still sent which I found helpful as then you are not left wondering if something is amiss with the service.

Unfortunately, something was amiss with Laytime Soccer as it NEVER made any profit during the 56 day trial. On joining, you receive a welcome email that recommends you start with a 200 point bank and lay to 5% liability of the prevailing bank. However, shortly after starting the trial, the author started recommending different stake amounts for individual bets. I ignored this advice as I had already started to record profit and loss based on the 5% liability method.

Just as well, for if I had followed the different stakes recommended for each bet the bank would have been wiped out after just one month!

As it was, the 5% liability staking method wiped out half the bank and if I had used level stakes, the bank would have lost around 25%. So however you care to look at Laytime Soccer, it was a resounding failure.

There were 139 bets of which 106 won which is a strike rate of 76.25%. The break even price for the strike rate is 4.05 whereas the actual average lay price was 7.22 with several selections being recommended at lay prices in excess of 20. In his sales pitch the author boasts of a 100% strike rate in January which was never repeated during the trial and with an average lay price of almost twice the break even price Laytime Soccer is never likely to make long term profits.

Additionally, there were several occasions when bank management was simply ignored when stakes and lay prices were unable to be covered by the bank!

The crunch came on 9th March with the selection of Everton/Birmingham Lay 1-1 @ 9.0  Stake 10 points. Result: 1-1 Losing bet that lost 80 points when the available bank to cover liability was only 14.25 points. So this bet just could not have been placed.


85 days trial produced 56 betting days

139 selections of which 106 were winning bets

Strike Rate 76.25%

Average Lay Price: 7.22

Break Even Lay Price: 4.05 (based on strike rate)

Minimum recommended price: 2.04

Maximum recommended lay price: 24.00 (!!)


5% Liability staking

Opening Bank: 200 points

Closing Bank: 106.64 points

Cumulative P/L: minus 93.36 points


Recommended Staking

Opening Bank: 200 points

Closing Bank:   minus 65.75 points

Cumulative P/L: minus 265.75 points


Level Stakes

Opening Bank: 200 points

Closing Bank:    156.32 points

Cumulative P/L: minus 43.68 points

So, without any doubts, this soccer tipster service has to get the big thumbs down and is recommended as a FAILURE.

[Click Here to see the sales page for Laytime Soccer…]

Sgt Jon

Sargeant Jon-Reviews Laytime Soccer