Layze Profits Review Day 61

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Sgt Mick Reviews Layze Profits 

Firstly I would like to say I received a note above the selections saying “I would suggest try to lay the horse 5-10 mins before the race starts, if the price has gone above 10.00 then I would advise not to lay the selection the same goes if the horse is  below 3.5

14 August

2.45 Ayr Darvie BSP 5.25 Fin 7th +4.75 Pts

3.15 Ayr Breanski BSP 4.3 Fin 7th +4.75 Pts

4.15 Ayr Pillar BSP 4.5 Fin 2nd +4.75 Pts

4.30 Ripon Green Howard BSP 6.03 Fin 2nd +4.75 Pts

A better day today 4 selections and all 4 won profit 19 pts but after all the bets of the last 60 days the system is showing a loss of 28.71 pts

Starting Bank 250 points

Total Running bank 221.29 points

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.


Sgt Mick Reviews Layze Profits