21 May 2012

Sergeant John Reviewing Little Acorns

Two selections today for the Little Acorns, both finishing second with the second selection in a race of only three runners.

The Fibonacci recovery plan is not illustrated as the stake is exactly the same for the first loss as Level Stakes. The ‘Adding Loss’ column is the result of adding the loss of the last losing bet on to the following stake.

Today’s results and the overall Daily Profit/Loss and Running total have now taken into consideration a 5% Betfair reduction on winning lays, something I omitted in previous results.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXResult          Price       Profit/Loss         Profit/Loss

COME HERE YEW                                  2nd                2.0             +1.9                       +3.53

HAIRY ROCKET                                      2nd                1.68            +1.9                         N/A

Starting Bank: 300pts

Profit/Loss today Level Stakes: +3.8pts Adding Loss: +3.53pts

Running Bank Level Stakes: 303.98pts     Including Adding Loss: 305.61

Best Regards

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Sergeant John Reviewing Little Acorns