Live TV Football Service – Introduction 30/01/2011

Live TV Football Service

Sgt Rich introduces the Live TV Football Service

Hi Bloggers,

The Live TV Football Service is a straightforward tipping service, but it is aimed solely at televised matches. I suppose one might expect such an advisory service to include a trading element, while you watch the matches, but not so.

You get a series of bets to place on the match before the kick off. Then you sit back and watch the match, letting your bets run unaltered. The idea is to give you an interest throughout the match. Bets include match result bets, goal bets, goalscorer and correct score bets. I remain to be convinced that Live TV Football Service will be profitable in the long run, despite the good results on the sales page, but I can certainly see that it will add an element of excitement to watching the matches – like the TV advert says “It matters more when there’s money on it!”

The published results are mixed, and the profits shown are enormous because the individual bets are to £100 stakes. With between 4 and 9 bets per match you would have to be quite a big hitter to be betting £400 to £900 per match.

We’ll use points, that way you can use whatever size of bets you are comfortable with. Based upon Live TV Football Service example of £500 bank and £10 bets, we will use a 50 point bank and 1 point stakes.

The selections come by e-mail and there is a member’s area on the website that will also give the selections. Bookies or Exchanges can be used and, as Betfair prices are usually better than Bookie prices, I’ll use Betfair and use their prices just minutes before kick-off.

The cost of Live TV Football Service is £48 per month or £99 from now until the end of the season in May.

The member’s area is quite comprehensive where you can see the previous tips as well as the current one (in case you don’t get the e-mail). There’s no doubt about it that January was a bad month with a loss of 22 points, compared to the massive 230 points profit in December. Even on the sales page for Live TV Football Service you can see the start of January was running at a loss. It seems it didn’t improve during the rest of January. So this is a good time to start the review of The Live TV Football Service to see how the results go in February.

At the moment I see these more as fun bets than a serious profit-making opportunity. I hope I am proved wrong. The tips will also include two other tip sources, in an attempt to make up for January losses, they are: “Goals Galore” and “Simon’s 2-Way Doubles”. I’ll report these as a secondary service, but the main review will be the Live TV Football Service Selections.



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Sgt Rich- Introduces the Live TV Football Service