Mals Lay System – Introduction

30th April 2012

Mals Lay System

Sergeant Lucian – Introduces Mals Lay System

Hi Bloggers,

Here is a review of a GreyHorseBot bonus – Mals Lay System.

First I will let you know how you get this – any regular subscriber of GreyHorseBot have access to Bonuses sections where “Tipsters” are allowing you to see their selections for a trial period.

Mals Lay System is bonus number 28, offered to GreyHorseBot subscribers.

The system provide a lot of lay selections and there is an official odd rule – 7 to 12 – this is the minimum and maximum odd for play the selections, “widen odds” is set to 10. With this rule the system will be reviewed. If another price range is used the number of selections can be more or less.

The initial review will be for 56 “betting days”, and may be extended to 84 “betting days”, depending on its performance.

Staking for review – the initial bank will be 100 and stake 1% of bank. Also I’ll monitor on flat stake system 100 starting bank and 1 point stake.

It is possible to load the selections directly from the server so you don’t have to do anything else.

The price for GreyHorseBot is £17 for the first month and £27 a month thereafter.

GreyHorseBot comes with a  lot of bonuses – not only Mals Lay System, a Betdaq version, GHB for Australian Betfair Market and other tricks and tips including the settings manual. Also on every tab of GHB settings and options at “?” button the bot redirect you to online help page for that tab with all the explained options.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian – Introduces Mals Lay System