Market Movers Introduction

9th July 2014

Market Movers


Sgt Accent – Introduces Market Movers

The Service that  will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is Market Movers a service sold by 

For a monthly subscription of £57.00, Oddscatcher offers several zero- or low-risk horse racing systems:

  • Arbs Markets (trading similar to all by the book)
  • Back to Lay (trading like zero risk method)
  • Bet365 Offer Loophole
  • Bonus Bagging (free bets)
  • A 14-day free trial of Market Movers (daily selections from their in-house expert)

We focus only on Market Movers. This service is email base service . The subscriber receive email one day before the race. The member could also see the selection in their member area. The email contains selection of one up to three horses that predicted the odds to shorten. It is interesting to see it for arb or back2lay.  The cost for this market movers report are


– £17 A Month Once FREE TRIAL ends for all existing members

– £37 A Month for all members

Payment made via Paypal and credit card.

There is Market Movers – MoneyBack Guarantee – If there are not at least 2 ’risk-free’ winning £25 or bigger (clear profit) trades each month (based on £25 back and lay stakes) and at the advised backing stakes and laying off prices (results as per spreadsheet) then members will be refunded that previous month’s subscription (£17 Oddscatcher members, £37 non-Oddscatcher members). For example: Horse backed at 4/1 (traded out at 2/1 at £25 stakes) would result in a clear £50 profit for that trade should that horse win. These trades will be based on the full results spreadsheet as shown on the site and based at £25 level stakes ‘back and lay’ bets placed during that calendar month. To qualify for a refund customers will have to email  at [email protected]

I will do a weekly review  for 12 weeks.

BST will make other review on other services later. 


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Market Movers]


Sgt Accent Introduces Market Movers