Match Day Profits – Introduction

Match Day Profits

Sgt Colin Introduces Match Day Profits

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with my latest review for  I am going to review Match Day Profits, a football tipping service from Phil Brown, one of the Betfan distributed services.

Phil introduces himself as a former Football Odds Compiler for bookmakers, and has been gambling professionally for 5 years.

Following an initial offer of 7 days at £1 per day, the service costs a little under £35 for 28 days, or £69 for 90 days. For that you get a daily e-mail outlining the selections. Midweek bets are sent out before 11.00 on the day, whilst weekend bets are sent out the evening before. There are not likely to be bets every day, with 7-9 expected per week.

He suggests starting with a 200 point bank. with selections likely to be 10 points per bet (although may be less). I will monitor performance based on the recommended stakes, and on level stakes (1 point bet starting with 100 points bank). The advertisement promises a high strike rate “ensuring you never go on long losing runs”.

I look forward to seeing how the Match Day Profits service performs over our trial period, which will initially be 56 days, and which may be extended to 84 days if we consider that adds value.

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Sgt Colin Introduces Match Day Profits