My Lucky 15 – Introduction

My Lucky 15

Sergeant Rob-Introduces My Lucky 15

13th May 2011

Dear all,

Sgt Rob here getting ready to review a product called My Lucky 15.

My Lucky 15 is one of many services provided by BetFan.  The service is provided to them by a man known only as Martin.

Since he started proofing his results to them in February, it has provided monthly profits of 103.45 pts for February and 113.94 pts for March.   I couldn’t find the total for April.

As the product title would suggest, it is a system using the Lucky 15 bet.  I’m sure most of you will know the bet, but to clarify, it means backing 4 selections in multiple giving 4 singles bets, 6 doubles bets, 4 trebles bets and 1 four-fold accumulator.

This means a 15 pt outlay for each bet.  Martin recommends using a 200 pt staking bank.   For the purposes of this review of My Lucky 15, I will use said 200 pt bank, and equate 1 pt to £1 meaning our outlay of 15 pts on each bet equals £15.

Selections are provided via daily email, but you can also login to the BetFan website and access them from there.  It is suggested that we will get bets most days. The initial review will last for 56 “betting” days, and will be extended to 84 “betting ” days should it being doing well.

The cost of the service is £19.99 for a month, or £39.98 for 90 days, the latter option effectively giving you a free month.

It is likely that most bets will use the odds quoted by BetFred online as they offer a 15% bonus on all 4 winning selections which is better than the 10% bonus quoted by most other firms.  However, I will be making full use of Odds Checker and Bet Calculator websites to ensure that I choose the bookies with the best potential return.

So, on to the review, any questions/comments welcome as always.


Sgt Rob.

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Sergeant Rob-Introduces My Lucky 15