One Good Bet Review Summary

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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Rather than dress up this review summary, let’s just say this has to be one of the all
time flops in my time reviewing systems over the last two years.

53 days produced just 19 bets of which NONE were winning doubles and only eight
involved place wins. However as most of these place doubles included unplaced runners,
the returns were often less than the stake!

The system is far too woolly and open to subjectivity. For example the ebook gives
various Racing Post data to analyse to arrive at the selections but finishes by saying:

“The final decision has to have a certain amount of personal judgement factored into it”

So, basically if you are not sure if your selections are the best available just go with your 
gut instinct! I certainly don’t consider paying £95 to represent good value just to end
up having to use my own judgement!!

Another interesting development is that Sportsworld Publishing have pulled the sales
page so even if you are foolish enough to want to invest in the system, you can’t do so
now anyway.

(I also noticed Lay It Safe has been pulled by Sportsworld as well. Must be the power of
Betting System Truths in exposing these nonsense services!)

As one of our readers commented on this review earlier, Maybe the title “One Good Bet”
means one good bet in the Flat season!! Unfortunately, after two months – almost half
way through the season – we are still waiting for it to happen.

Without hesitation, I recommend One Good Bet is FAILED and JAILED

52 days / 19 bets with cumulative P/L          – 12.47  points

[Click Here To See That One Good Bet Has Been Removed From Sportsworld Publishing!]

Sgt Jon

Rating: ★★☆☆☆