Partners In Profit

Partners in Profit – Day 52

Aug 3 2012

Partners in Profit – 31 July

Hi Bloggers,

As a quick reminder, this is a backing system based on trends/statistics that provides tips on a daily basis either through self-selection or on the members site.  As stated in the introduction I will be keeping two separate banks, one for the flat and one for the jumps and will post results based on SP. I will keep a record of the Betfair starting prices (BSP) as well and will report on the comparison at the end of the review.

National Hunt

5 potential qualifiers, 2 WINNERS (6/1; 7 BSP, 4/1; 5.69 BSP), a second and 2 UP.

Start Balance: $1000

Day’s P/L: $70

Running Balance: $747.50


5 potential qualifiers, (1 outside the odds), 3 WINNERS (7/2; 5.4 BSP, 11/4; 4.18 BSP, 5/4; 2.54 BSP) and a UP.

Start Balance: $1000

Day’s P/L: $65

Running Balance: $813.50

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