PAWS (Personal All Weather Selections) Introduction

13th May 2012


Sgt Chris Introduces PAWS (Personal All Weather Selections)

Hi Bloggers,

PAWS is a tipping service, coming from the Steve Davidson “stable” and the person responsible for the selections is called Allan Moore. The tips are send to customers every day via e-mail around 11 am, or you can grab them through the members area.

The subscription is £ 39.99 per month, and at least for the time being it’s the only paying option.

As the title suggests, for those who are aware, the PAWS service deals with UK horse racing, and more specifically with the All Weather tracks, and covers win bets only, no laying horses involved.

So, what we actually get is a daily e-mail from the author, even when there are no selections.All the hard work is done for us, and the only thing  left to do is to put our money on the advised horse(s).Most of the times, we place bets for win only, but on a few occasions there will be some e/w bets (both for win and place that is).

Now, apart from the time of the race and name of the horse, the author also informs us of the Bookies price available, at the time we receive the e-mail. It is vital to have an account with a bookie using BOG (Best Odds Guarantee). In simple words, BOG means that if we place a bet let’s say early in the morning at 2/1 and the actual SP is higher, we get the higher SP. On the other hand, if the SP shortens less than 2/1 we still get the early price. Using Betfair SP is not ruled out, but untill now calculating profits with BOG has proved more efficient.

All bets are placed on level stakes, and after contacting the author he suggested a 100 pts starting bank to feel comfortable with, and that’s the size of the bank i’m going to use.

The initial review will last for 56 bettings days, but there’s always the option to extend it to 84 betting days. Either way we have to be patient, because the amount of All Weather racing is decreased during the spring and the summer. So I suspect we won’t be getting PAWS selections very often during this period of time, but as always it’s the bigger picture we should care about.


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Sgt. Chris Introduces PAWS