Pin Point Lays – Introduction

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         This is Sergeant Dave now i am going to do being a new  review of PinPoint Lays this was actually  passed on the old site last year and this was over a 5 week period i actually remember receiving the free trial tips and they made a reasonable profit despite a few ups and downs along the way. But of course on BST we dont have 4 week or 5 week reviews now its 8 weeks minimum unless of course the system or service blows the betting bank, unfortunately this service has suffered a bit over the winter not so much the flagship LowLays which has managed to keep maintaining a profit even if slower than during the summer months but on the Bankers and Bullet Lays all of these services will be explained shortly as we will be testing all 3 on this trial. Now Kevin Thomas who runs the service has been most helpful giving me plenty of information and results etc, now he has been just as disappointed  in the perfomance and has a couple of  changes recently will hopefully yield benefits and get everything back on track. So whatever happened before is inmaterial this is a fresh review and will be treated as such, i think most bloggers know i am a hard one to please . Right quick run through of the costs etc and what you get , there are 2 options on the Website the first is (1). Low Lays, Banker Bets and Loose lays(Beta) for  77 pounds you get 3 months of these, Option 2 All of Option 1 plus Bullet Lays and Place Backs(Beta) for 3 months at 117.97 pounds. Now you can access the selections on a members page between 11:30 to 12:00 for people who are unable to check the members site around midday they can contact Kevin and he will make alternative arrangements.     

   Now on to the review we will be trialing 3 services with 3 seperate banks although you could as per Kevin run the Low Lays and Bankers of the same bank, i will be showing P/L to 1 point Level Stakes and to 5%  Liability of the Betting Bank starting with 100 points on each. Now just a quick rundown on each service:

(1) Low Lays is the flagship of the service and lays horses at no greater than 6.00 BFSP since July 27th 2009 as per the website the sevice has made 82.20 points  level stake profit and 4604.57 points profit starting with a bank  of 1000 points. Longest losing run 3 and this happened 3 times  as for winning run that was 16, there has been 290 selections with 237 winning  lays for the service thats a strike rate of 81.72% with the average losing lay being 3.70.

(2) Bankers this is the strongest Low Lay where there is more than 1 Low Lay and when there is no Low Lay it will be the strongest Loose Lay. From Oct 26th to 18th April there was 85 selections with 70 winning Lays thats 82.35% strike rate and returned a profit of 16.18 points to level stakes and 307.48 points to 5% Liability of Bank(1000 pts Bank).

(3) Bullet Lays is laying horses 1.99 or under as one would expect the strike rate is alot lower than the other 2 its around 56%, now on Feb 5th this year changes were made here if you could not get 1.99 or lower close to the start you would use the in running option on Betfair and try to obtain those prices there, if you could not no bet. As this is a fairly new change i will not quote any previous  stats though the original Bullet lays showed Level stakes and 5% Liabilty profits.

   All the figures quoted and on the Pinpoint Lays website are with 5% Betfair commission deducted, there is also a non runner rule in force now if any race where  there is a selection and there is a non runner with an individual factor of 10% or more, or a combined reduction factor of 15% or more then there is no lay in that race. Anyway onto the trial which will run for at least 56 days lets see what PinPoint Lays can produce this time around.


Sgt Dave

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