Place 2 Profit – Day 84

9th April

A bumper day on the final day of the review period! Including a 9.0 place bet on the Grand National. This, and a good double gives an unrepresentative profit on the final day, leaving the bank in a nice positive position. The Final Review will follow shortly.



Selection Bet Type Stake Odds Result

Selection Bet Type Stake Odds Result
3:00 Dubawi Gold Double 5.00 1.23 1

2:10 Oratory Single 1.00 2.00 L
5:00 Via Galilei
6.09 2.50 3

2:10 Sams Winner Single 1.00 1.87 L

4:15State of Play Single 1.00 9.00 4

I’ve been asked by Review Manager Dave to check the figures for day 84. Betfan, on their website, are saying the profit on the Hotshot double is 10.38 points. The actual profit is as calculated above, the Betfair commission has to come off the 1st winning leg of the double and the net profit (1.09) plus orignal stake is placed on the second leg, giving a final profit after commission of 9.77 points.

However, upon checking my figures, I noticed I’d made a mistake on the Longshots today. The day profit for Longshots is 5.60. So the correct daily profit is 15.37 points. All figures have now been adjusted.

Hotshots & Longshots:

Day P/L: + 15.37 points

Cumulative P/L: +17.22 points

Cumulative Bank (50 point start): 67.22 points

[Placepot (fun bets) cumulative P/L: -20.00 points]


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