Place Profit Blueprint Introduction

18th November 2013

 Place Profit Blueprint

Sgt Craig Introduces Place Profit Blueprint

Sgt Craig here with my first review for Betting System Truths which is a review of a newly revised version of the Place Profit Blueprint service. 

This is a straight forward horse racing place backing service from Ross Turner. Selections are generally available from around 09:30 each day and are accessed via a password protected web application.  It concentrates on all weather racing which means there won’t be selections every day and so it will be reviewed for a 12 week period.

Results are given using 4 staking plans :-

1) level stakes
2) level stakes, recalculating the stakes each month
3) staking 1% of the bank, recalculating the stake each day
4) staking 2% of the bank, recalculating the stake each day

So I will report all 4 staking plans. Level stakes he advises a 100 point bank but states that a 50 point bank should be more than sufficient.

The service states that it is a slow burning system and as of the 18th November comes with over 10 months of results. The average monthly profit has been a tad over 7.5 points a month, so whilst not earth shattering it’s a welcome addition to any betting portfolio. Advised maximum odds are 7.00 although the average odds are 3.00. All results have been recorded using Betfair SP with 5% commission deducted and so I will do the same.

Ross is running a Christmas promotion but I have been assured that BST readers will be able to purchase when the review finishes.  The cost during the Xmas promotion is actually quite an amazing deal which really surprised me… Don’t be fooled by the seriously low price tag for 12 months membership or lifetime membership. Ross will be revealing this very soon. Payment is made via Paypal.

I will be posting updates weekly. 

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Place Profit Blueprint]


Sgt Craig Introduces Place Profit Blueprint