Place Profits Review – Correction to Review P/L

05 November 2010

Hi Bloggers

I received an email from Lee O’Hare of Place Profits questioning my results for Day 38
and Lee pointed out that the qualifying process is as follows:

Place Profits 1  –  Selections SPs must be shorter than 6/1 and excludes selections priced
at 6/1

Place Profits 2  –  Selections SPs must be shorter than 7/2 and excludes selections priced
at 7/2.

I had mistakenly included selections priced at 6/1 and 7/2 as losing bets and have said
I will back check all results shown in the review and adjust the P/L accordingly.

I hope to get this exercise completed in the next few days. I have to say I find the SP rule
very frustrating at times as there have been several occasions when potential selections
have gone on to win or place but have been excluded because of the SP.

I’m not sure I understand why the rule is so important. I can understand having a maximum
price rule for laying but surely the longer the price the better for a backing system or service?