Profit Maximiser Introduction

23rd November 2014



Sgt Colin – Introduces Profit Maximiser


This is Sgt Colin undertaking a review of Mike Cruikshank’s Profit Maximiser service, a “risk free” betting offer from the same stable as Bonus Bagging, which was reviewed earlier on this site and awarded 4.5 stars.

The sales promise is to focus on “low stakes” bonus offers, and offers a year’s subscription to a private members only site which identifies them and  discusses the best way of maximising the benefits. The service also promises access to Mike himself, and to numerous “how to” videos and to a regular e-mail service. This all costs £116.40 (£97 plus VAT).

The service is an extension to the scope of Bonus Bagging, identifying ways of benefiting from new account bonuses on sportsbooks, casinos and bingo sites, and from reload bonuses and bookie special offers.

I will be reviewing on a weekly basis – using real cash to ensure that this isn’t just a theoretical exercise that the bookies wouldn’t allow in practice. I’ll be starting with a £250 bank, and will be feeding back on the successes, and any problems I may have, commenting on the ease of use and the customer service too.  I’m looking forward to generating some profits as well as undertaking an interesting review.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Colin Introduces Profit Maximiser