Race Ratings Pro  Final Review

Race Ratings Pro Days Final Review by Sgt George


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Hi Folks

Well here is the Final Review of Race Ratings Pro before we get onto the facts and figures lets have a recap on what RRP is and what do you get for your money. You have a 7 module video course, and access to a members area where you can download a flow chart and Ratings Worksheet this is the one that does all the workings out. Now on the Authors worksheet he has 3 categories Form Class which is basically Consistency, Speed  Class and Earnings Class now on the worksheet as it is downloaded the ratings are weighted more on Form Class, then secondly Speed  and coming up last Earnings.  My concern is that you can get distorted ratings like this and the rating classes should be more balanced, to be fair to the creator he does say that you can change the weighting of the Ratings. Also for consistency he rates the last 6 places I changed this to 5  for both the Authors and My Own Creation, the reason most of the time the Racing Post only shows the last 5 on the race card.

Just to recap this is how I chose the races for both:

Field Size 4 to 12

Class 5 and Above

1 mile to 3 miles distance

No Amateur, Apprentice, Conditional Jockey races

No Auction, Claiming, Selling races.

No NH flat , Hunter  Chase races

Based on the above i will take the best 1 or 2 races at each meeting.

I took the top 2 selections that were rated over 20 in the Final Total and were highlighted in green, in the event that a 3rd selection was only 1 point behind the second top rated I included this provided it had a score of 20 or more. Odds were recorded at Betfair SP and 5% commission was deducted from winnings.

Here is the breakdown for the Authors Win Bets:

Authors   Win Bets
Selections 391 / Winners113
Strike Rate = 28.90%
Profit to 1 point Level   Stakes = 82.94 points
ROI = 21.21%
Average Price of Selection =   6.13
Average Price of Winning   Selection = 4.28
Longest Losing Run = 13   (Twice)
Longest Winning Run = 3   (Three times)

Now we cannot read too much into the losing and winning runs as we were backing more than 1 selection in a race most of the time, so this tends to break up the winning runs especially.

Now onto my own variation now this I added a different Form class column and inputted RPR figures from the Racing Post, I also changed the original Form Class to Consistency to avoid confusion  and also worked out the earnings in a different way. There are number of ways to work out the earnings class you could divide the amount of winnings by wins is one way, based on race type etc. The only thing with adding extra columns you have to adjust some of the figures in the excel formula I was just lucky I got it right I am no Excel expert. You have to go real careful when making any changes as it could corrupt the formula and this would lead to misleading ratings. Here is the Breakdown of my Win Bets:

Georges  Win Bets
Selections 295 / Winners 92
Strike Rate = 31.19%
Profit to 1 point Level   Stakes = 88.94 points
ROI = 30.15%
Average Price of Selection =   6.66
Average Price of Winning   Selection = 4.59
Longest Losing Run = 17   (Once)
Longest Winning Run = 3 (Once   Only)

Despite only have a winning run of  only 3 once and a Losing Run of 17 the figures are actually better than the Authors a profit of 88.94 with 96 selections less, a better price average and Strike Rate too.


Now for the Lay bets I selected horses that were rated under 10 and were highlighted in pink by the  spread sheet, I then selected maximum odds of 9.99 on Betfair I used the same approach on both Variations here are the breakdowns:

Authors Lay Bets
Selections 271 / Winning 236
Strike Rate = 87.10%
Profit to 1 point Level   Stakes = 58.91 points
ROI = 21.74%
ROL = 3.24%
Average Lay Price of   Selection = 6.71
Average Price of Losing Lay =   6.78
Longest Losing Run = 2  (Five Times)
Longest Winning Run = 34   (Once)
Georges  Lay Bets
Selections 229 / Winners 199
Strike Rate = 86.96%
Profit to 1 point Level   Stakes = 44.63 points
ROI = 19.49%
ROL = 2.92%
Average Price of Selection =   6.67
Average Price of Winning   Selection = 5.82
Longest Losing Run = 2 (Three   Times)
Longest Winning Run = 18   (Once Only)

Okay the Authors Lays came out on top but only because it had more selections 42 to be exact and a slight higher strike rate. The profits on the Lays was good for both really and it is possible that results could be improved further by say lowering the odds to 5.00 or less, or by say taking selections with a rating of less than 8.

Exotic Bets

I did start doing results for Exotic Bets this was incorporating doubles, trebles etc and also forecasts, these were doing well and were making good profits but it was taking considerable time on busy days working out all the different bets. Also though a 100 point was sufficient when I first started  doing the review as the amount of racing increased it was obvious that this bank would not be sufficient, taking the two things into consideration I decided to stop posting for Exotic Bets. If you wanted to do Exotic Bets I would say for peace of mind 1000 points would be best or if using smaller banks reduce  stakes to half or quarter points. We came very close to pulling off  some big five and six timers of course if you do manage to get one of them off you are going to make some serious profit, but be warned you can have some serious losses on this too, during the busier days some of the cost of the bets were well over a hundred points.

Up to Day 59 the Authors Exotic Bets had made 673.24 points this was to 1647 points stakes so this was a 40.88% ROI.  The Peak Point was February 28th(Day 38) when it reached 961.99, it was from March onwards that the number of bets started to increase this coincided with the profit level dropping. My  own version of Exotic was a little more steady and done better on ROI returning 59.59% it actually made a profit of 519.62 points with total stakes of 872 points. The Peak point was Day 59 when it reached 525.72 overall the rise and fall in profits were not as pronounced as the authors.


Well this was one tough review the shear amount of selections was a nightmare having said that the product is interesting. Now all the results were obtained by just using the bare ratings to the criteria’s I mentioned earlier I never done any additional form studying or  filtering.  So taking into consideration that it is just the ratings alone the strike rates for Win Bets and Lays is very good as is the profits. I think by reducing the number of selections down as can be seen by my own approach  over the authors the strike rate and profits could be improved further. The most crucial thing is to get your own niche say concentrating on  5/6 furlong sprints or 10 to 12 furlong races, it is crucial that you use races that have as many ratings as possible this would clearly rule out maiden and novice races, unraced 2 and 3 year old etc.

Before you start you should watch all the videos, which run for approx. 3 hours in total, and it is does require time to work out the races so that why it is important to select a niche and keep the number of races to rate down. You have to go careful with the excel sheet provided and make sure it does not get corrupted, if you watch the videos you may have other factors you want to add to the Basic one of form class, speed and earnings.  So after due consideration I have given Race Rating Pro a 4.5 star rating based on the actual profits and also  its potential, also at present it is reasonably priced at 49.95 UK pounds + VAT, I feel these factors outweigh the time you would have to spend on the videos and doing the ratings.

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Sgt George

Sgt George reviews Race Ratings Pro