Racing Profit Booster – Introduction


Sgt Colin Introduces Racing Profit Booster

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with my latest review for  I am going to review the Racing Profit Booster system, an arbitrage horse racing software package from the extensive Steve Davidson stable. The software automatically compares the odds on UK and Irish racing from 16 high street bookmakers (those on Oddschecker) with the lay bet odds on Betfair. It flags up where, after Betfair commission, you can make a profitable trade – i.e. the odds at the bookmakers are higher than the odds available to lay on Betfair.

The system costs a little under £130 for 12 months, and for that you get a license to operate software which works from a single computer you own on an external server. The software works daily from 10.00 am whenever horse racing is operating.

Monitoring the potential of Racing Profit Booster will require some subjectivity – clearly the profitability will vary day to day, and depends upon how often you are able to access the system. Arbitrage betting usually requires you to have a large number of bookmaker accounts, and can easily lead to you having your accounts closed or restricted. The system comes with a pdf suggesting ways of avoiding this fate!

I have been running the Racing Profit Booster system for a couple days now just to get used to the software before i start the review , and have been surprised how many opportunities come up. The system was extremely easy to set up and to operate, although I have a couple of concerns over the flexibility of the arb staking calculator.

I look forward to seeing how the  service performs over our trial period, which will initially be 56 days, and which may be extended to 84 days if we consider that adds value.

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Sgt Colin Introduces Racing Profit Booster