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Rate The Races

2nd May 2011

Sergeant Lucian-Introduces Rate The Races

UPDATE – Strategy Added

Hi Bloggers,

I shall start reviewing Rate The Races system today, May 02 2011, on this afternoon’s racing.

Rate The Races , Deluxe Version, is a piece of  software from the Steve Davidson Stable, and is created by Michael, who brought us, amongst others, Pro Betfair Trading, currently being reviewed on our other site laytheodds.com

The price of the Rate The Races software is 39.97 pounds and you get one license for one computer. This is software  and comes with  an installation guide and guidance for the ratings provided, it also has betting strategies.

In a short description Rate The Races is a back system, with two betting strategies. It is simple to use,  the auto option  will provide all the selections in one file from which it will be used to place bets.

The software rates any horses based on factors like form, age, etc, from that it will provide the top three horses for every race.

The two betting strategies that will be used for this review have been recommended by the author, and will use the  first two top rated horses.

Strategy 1

Bet 1 point each on the two horses selected by the Rate The Races software and Stop at a 1 point Profit, or -10 points loss for the day. Level stakes of 1point per selection are maintained throughout, even after a losing race.

Strategy 2

Like Strategy 1 except you don’t have the -10 points loss, so it continues until you have a 1 point profit for the day.

For the review of Rate The Races I’ll use Betfair  Starting Price – BFSP, and horse races from UK and Ireland. The buyer can choose any bookmaker who gives Best Price Guaranteed odds also.

Bank – 100 points for each strategy , with a one point level stake on each selection, with two selections in race.

UPDATE – Strategy Added

Strategy 3 – “code name” Step 1,2,3

Rules to use from www.rate-the-races.com :


Bet all UK TOP 2 Selections at level stakes for the day.

You can put all your bets on at once, for win only. The results are at Betfair SP, (no commission)

You will need to work will a 1000 point Bank, so if you are going to use £2.00 as a point, then £2,000.00 bank should be used.

Now, how the staking works is like this.

First betting day, you are staking 1 point on each of the top 2 rated horses, so that is 2 points staked per race for day 1.

If we make a profit on day one, we repeat the process on day two. And stake 1 point per horse, for every race for the day, 2 horses (Top 2) per race.

If however, we did not make a profit on the day, using 1 point stakes, we increase or stakes for the day to 2 points per horse, 4 points a race.

Now if after that day of staking 2 points, if we have made and profit and covered the losses of the day we staked at 1 point, then we will revert back to 1 point per horse for the next day.

If we have made a profit using the 2 points per horse, however not covered the losses of the previous day, we stake 2 points a horse again.

If however, our day at 2 points a horse was a losing day, we go to 3 points a horse for the next day.


Once you are betting 3 points a horse, you can be in danger of losing reasonable big amounts, that is why we say a 1000 point bank.

Our biggest losing day was on 21st April, we lost 72 points, however on the 26th April we collected 248 points, so pleease expect the sad days and happy days.

Now once you are betting 3 points and a lot of days are 3 point days, when you have a good day return, even if you don’t cover the losses, you are better to revert to 1 point again.

Why? because almost every time we have a good day, 25 points or more, the next day will be poor, so please consider that.


The initial review of Rate The Races will be for 56 “betting days”, and may be extended to 84 “betting days”, depending on its performance.

Until my next update,

Sergeant Lucian

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Sergeant Lucian-Introduces Rate The Races