RebelBetting Final Review Summary


Passed and approved


3rd November

Hi Bloggers,

I’ve decided to end the review of RebelBetting, mainly because I haven’t been able to put the time in and do the review justice since I became Review Manager. However I am happy that I have more than proved the success of the product.

It is not possible to cover everything that occurred during the review. As we have gone along I have blogged the successes and problems, so please do read the full review from the Intro onwards. Some of the early days (for example Day 1,2 & 3) contain some vital information for you to understand the process.

In my Intro, I said: “RebelBetting is a piece of software for finding sports arbitrage opportunities or “surebets” from a Swedish outfit called Clarobet.

I have some experience over the last nine years of arbitrage betting so I am not blinded to the problems, but also I am aware of the potential, if one can get arb trading to work.

For those that don’t know, arbitrages or surebets are where you place bets covering all outcomes of the game, and where you are guaranteed a profit. Arbitrage situations happen regularly, hundreds of times every day, because different Bookies will alter their odds for particular outcomes in order to balance their own books. Or sometimes a Bookie simply sets the odds for an outcome a little higher than many other Bookmakers. All you have to do is spot when two competing Bookies offer odds that will give you a profit whatever the outcome.”

Having used RebelBetting since May I have to say that I am very impressed with the software, with the ability to find arbs and with the relative ease of getting the bets on. It has been a pleasure to use it and I have made some money too!

Here is the final spreadsheet of balances for Rebelbetting:

Type Amount
Total Deposits/Withdrawals 1400.00
Total in Play 0.00
Total Bonuses 126.36
Total Arb Profit 764.24
Total Bankroll 2290.60
Total Profit Withdrawn 600.00

In total, I deposited £2,000 in various Bookmaker accounts and made £764.24 profit plus another £126.36 in Bookmaker Bonuses. During the review I creamed off and cashed in £600 of the profit. The £764.24 profit represents over 38% of the start bank.

Here is the graph of my profit on both Back arbs (blue) and Lay arbs (red).


As you can see both graphs steadily increased. The sudden increases and sudden decreases are when I had either a bit of luck or bad luck and also, as described in the on-going Blog – I made some mistakes. The manual does say how mistakes will be made and this brings me to the learning curve you go through when using RebelBetting.

By using the software you get used to the particular idiosyncrasies of various Bookmakers. Some restrict your stakes, some only tell you they are doing this right at the end of the placing of bets. Basically you soon learn which are the most prone to doing this and you learn to put the bets on with them first before confirming your bets with the others involved in the arb.

A few Bookmakers (4 out of 15) closed my account down and at least three of these did so because they knew I was arbing (those Bookmakers don’t like you making money overall – even if you are losing with them!). Looking back over the review I think I worried about this more than was necessary. It was only 26% of the accounts and at the end of the review period I had four new Bookmakers lined up who are reputed not to mind their clients arbing.

Also in summer I stopped trading, because of this. Again in hindsight I think this was not necessary. I was surprised that most of the arbs were on football and not other sports. So many arbs were on obscure matches in May/June and I thought this might have been how I was identified as an arber. In hindsight these few Bookies may have closed me down whatever I had been arbing on. It is interesting to note that 75% of my Bookies don’t seem to have been inclined to close me down, even when making a profit.

RebelBetting keep adding more Bookies onto their software. There are about 20 more Bookmakers that I haven’t used and even today they announced two more.

The software is very smooth, from the automatic software updating to the automatic log-in to the Bookmakers that are currently offering the arb prices. It has to be said that sometimes, even often at times, the prices are not available once you log on to the Bookies. This seems to happen in phases. Sometimes I just couldn’t get the prices and at other times the prices were stable and it was easy to get several arbs in a day. Compared to previous arb alerts that I have subscribed to, this is much more reliable, but sometimes you just have to accept that Bookie prices fluctuate quite quickly.

You keep the software on in the background and it alerts you when arbs become available. Certain times of the week were very good for arbs popping up. Friday’s are often good days with the weekend matches coming up. Saturday mornings were a good time, unfortunately I am often away from my computer on Saturday mornings. So over the weeks I have probably missed many arbs.


RebelBetting showing the current available arbs


The browser opens allowing you to place your bets

The manual that you get is essential reading, it covers, very comprehensively, all aspects of Arb trading. Don’t skimp on studying it. The RebelBetting manual will warn you of things that can go wrong and helps you develop the attitude that you need in order to be successful.

I am very impressed with the vendors, ClaroBet, and the quality of their website is clearly mirrored in the quality of the software. Their service is far and away superior to any other arbing service that I have seen.

At the start of this review I set out to find out if the following criticisms can be overcome with the RebelBetting software

  • You need multiple accounts with many bookmakers and need to manage your account balances carefully to make sure funds are available when an arb comes along. TRUE but the software and the supplied spreadsheet make this relatively easy for you.
  • The advantageous odds with a Bookmaker quickly disappear meaning the arb is no longer available. This did happen in phases during my review but equally there were many phases when the arbs were stable and I had plenty of time to get bets on
  • You sometimes get the odds with one bookmaker, before the odds on the second bookmaker disappear, leaving you with an exposed bet liability. Yes the odds changed while placing the bets, maybe once in every ten or twenty arbs – usually reducing the profit but still leaving a profit and sometimes even increasing the profit. However not as often as I expected, the odds worsened to leave a net liability and it only rarely became a serious problem.
  • It is time-consuming for small rewards. On the days I ran the software, I spent maybe 5 minutes getting each arb on and recording it – it would have taken less time if I had not been reporting the arbs for this review. But each arb obtained is free guaranteed money!
  • Bookies will close down accounts for successful arb traders. I suppose the advice given in newsletter #34 on “How to be a Mug punter” applies to any Bookie accounts that start accumulating profits. See what I wrote above – this was not as big a problem as I expected and I was probably looking for more trouble than I actually got!

I have no hesitation is passing and approving the RebelBetting software. We do have to take the cost into consideration. I used the software from mid-May until the end of October. That’s 6 months. If I’d purchased 6 months access it would have cost 594 Euros. There is no doubt that more use would have been needed to justify that cost. I could easily have got twice as many arbs in that period if I had used it more intensively. I recommend trying a one-week subscription first, at a cost of only 9 Euros. This would give you time to get used to the software (you can actually try it for free first but you won’t get the full manual and won’t get arbs above 0.6% – so I would recommend paying 9 Euros to try it out in full and to also get the invaluable manual)

If you like the software and get yourself used to it, by maybe paper trading for a week, then upgrade to one month or three months subscriptions. After that period of time you should be confident that you can make a profit over and above the subscription cost. You can then subscribe for six or twelve months at 99 Euros or 89 Euros per month – you should be able to easily make several times that amount per month. Just take it steadily at first and stay calm and fucused as you place your bets. You will make mistakes – don’t let them put you off – the mistakes will even out (on some you will make a profit on some you will make a loss) and after a while you will make fewer and fewer mistakes.

I am well aware that arbitrage trading is looked upon suspiciously by many and that despite the profit that I have made, many of you won’t believe the figures or look on them cynically. This review started off as a live experiment where I used £2,000 of my own money to test out the system. The review is a Blog of my experience of this live experiment. Read it and decide for yourselves.

The only unanswered question is how much could I have made if I had used it more intensively?

As I have made a profit of over £890 while doing this review – I will invest that in one year’s subscription to RebelBetting and leave my current balances in my Bookie Accounts. Every month or so I will let you know how I am doing. Once I am paying for the software, I suspect I will use it more intensively than I did during the review.

It may take me about a month while I tie up loose ends with other reviews, after which time I am more than willing to use the software on an on-going basis, as I have proved to myself, at least, that decent money can be made using RebelBetting. So watch out for monthly updates.


  • Profitability compared to liquidity needed – we had a bank of £2,000 and it made a profit of 38% (£764.24) plus an extra £126.36 in Bookie Bonuses – 3 stars out of 5
  • Ease of use Very smooth and easy, especially compared to other arb products that I have seen – 5 stars out of 5
  • Risk The worst loss was -£65.01 on day 34. Because these are arbs and the basic total stakes per event was £100, as expected the £2,000 bank was never close to being threatened. Practically risk-free – 5 stars out of 5
  • Return on investment (ROI) The total stakes were £21,969.73. £764.24 profit gives a ROI of 3.48% – small as you would expect with arbing, but more or less risk-free – 3 stars out of 5
  • Support and documentation Brilliant tech support and fantastically thorough manual takes you from novice to expert – 5 stars out of 5
  • Time needed to apply the system You do need to put some study time in at first. Then you need the software to be running in the background – each arb doesn’t take long to placed, but you do lose some arbs when the prices change – 4 stars out of 5

That averages to a comfortable 4 stars out of 5 for RebelBetting, which I think is a fair overall assessment.

Sgt Rich – reviewing RebelBetting

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