Lets Get Layed – Day 66


Lets Get Layed – Day 66

Hi Bloggers,

Not a good day for ‘system 3’ today with 2 losing lays. Another pretty good day

for ‘system 2’ though, with 9 out of 10 successful lays!

1. Lets Get Layed Original (starting bank of 200pts betting 2pts per bet)

Laying horses between 4.50 BFSP and 9.99 BFSP

Service suspended

Final bank =  +94.95pts

Level stake profit = -105.05pts

2. Handicapped horses system

Laying horses up to 10.00 BFSP

135 Chel   richard’s sundance

[email protected] =  +1.90pts

150 Muss   danceintothelight

[email protected] =  +1.90pts

210 Chel    ghizao

[email protected] =  +1.90pts

220 Exe    old magic

[email protected] = +1.90pts

225 Muss    marsh warbler

[email protected] =  +1.90pts

230 South   standpoint

[email protected] = +1.90pts

300 Muss    monotya’s son

[email protected] =  +1.90pts

310 Catt   tooman lane

[email protected] =  +1.90pts

325 Exe    sarika

[email protected] = -5.80pts

335 South    billy cadiz

[email protected] =  +1.90pts

P/L = +11.30pts

New bank = +300.24pts

Level stake profit = +100.24pts

3. Bonus lay system

Laying horses up to 8.00 BFSP

130 Fak   chapel house

[email protected]=  +1.90pts

150 Muss    vallani

[email protected] =  +1.90pts

220 Exe    old magic

[email protected] = +1.90pts

235 Catt   amir pasha

[email protected] =  -7.36pts

315 Fak    lady karabaya

[email protected] =  -10.40pts

P/L =  -12.06pts

New bank = +218.16pts

Level stake profit =  +18.16pts

Running total system 2 and 3 combined =  +118.40pts after 66 days.

Total bank = +518.40pts

All the best, Sgt Tommy.           Click here to see Lets Get Layed….

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