Proofing Pool

The Laying Game – Day 2


19 May 2012

Sergeant John Reviews The Laying Game

Five more selections today, with one winning its race.

Four points gained to bring the running total into profit.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSelection                         Price      Result      Profit/Loss

3:05 Newbury              Thomas Chippendale        3.5              5th                   +4.75

3:20 Newmarket         Aljamaaheer                       4.2              1st                    -16

4:50 Newbury              Sash Of Honour                  3.7              5th                   +4.75

5:40 Newmarket         Wrotham Heath                 3.6              6th                   +4.75

7:45 Doncaster             Dank                                      4.7              9th                    +4.75

Opening Bank: 500pts

Daily Profit/Loss:+3pts

Running total: 501.25pts

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Sergeant John Reviews The Laying Game

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