Russell Gibbs Personal Advice Service – Final Review by Sgt Tony

Important Update

“As site admin it has recently been brought to my attention that this review was carried out without using accumulators as advised by the author, so the results of our trial should be taken on that basis only. We have been told the accumulator bets actually made a profit over the same period. However we cannot confirm or deny this fact. In conclusion we are no wiser to the profitability of this service after our trial, and maybe Russell Gibbs service should be given the benefit of the doubt? I’ll leave that in your hands dear reader.”

This system is different to most that I have reviewed in that it offers a
variety of selections – win, each way and lay. For the purposes of the
review, I kept the win and each way selections separate from the laying
selections. Here is a summary of the results:

On the win and each way selections we had a total of 83 bets. Of these, 16
won, 18 were placed and 49 lost. The longest losing run was of 9 selections,
which happened twice. The system recommends a bet of £50 to win or £25 each
way when advised accordingly.

Our cumulative bank, which started at £1,000 when the review began, finished
at £426.00 giving us a loss to date of -£574.00 or -11.48 points at level
stakes. However this only represents the individual tips and not the accumulators that the service advises.

No account is taken in their results of Betfair commission. I used the
Betfair SP throughout the review, although different results will be shown
on their website, as they use the ISP and also show the price at the time
that the selection was given. Russell also occasionally advises each way
doubles, but these were not accounted for.

The laying section of the system was more successful. During the review
period there were 73 selections. Of these, 47 were winning lays (i.e. we won
money on them) and 26 were losing lays (i.e. we lost money on them). The
system advises betting a £100 liability at Betfair SP. Once again, they take
no account of Betfair commissions. The longest losing run was 5 selections,
which only happened once.

Our cumulative bank, which started at £1,000 when the review began, finished
at £1,029.51 giving us a profit to date of £29.51 or 0.2951 of a point.
In summary, the system produced a loss of -£574.00 on the backing side and a
profit of £29.51 on the laying side, leaving us with an overall loss for the
review period of -£544.49 or -11.18 points at level stakes. However because we did not take doubles into consideration this review is inconclusive.

On the plus side, I had a couple of conversations with Russell and he was
very helpful on both occasions. The support provided by their help desk was
also first class.


Sgt Tony

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