Sams Lucky 9 Lays – Day 82 (11/02/11)…

Three selections were provided, but only one made the final betting as 1 was a non-runner and the others odds were too high.  Just as well as it won its race.  The selections that did not make the betting were:

15.25pm @ South – Hill Tribe (10.36) = 1st of 5 runners

19.10pm @ Wolv – Mongoose Alert N/R

The selection that did make the betting also won its race, so a losing day for the system on this occasion…

Review Day Date Time Course Selection SP # Runners Position Result P/L – Level P/L – Liability
Day 82 11/02/2011 15.35pm Musselburgh Little Hercules 5.34 1 12 Lost -4.34 -1.00

Staking Plan 1 (Level stake 1pt)

Start bank – 150pts

Todays P/L – Minus 4.34pts

Cumlative P/L – Plus 9.80pts

Running Bank – Plus 159.80ts

Staking Plan 2 (Liability of  1pt)

Start bank – 150pts

Todays P/L – Minus 1.00pts

Cumlative P/L – Plus 5.68pts

Running Bank – Plus 155.68pts

Sgt Ian

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