Soccer Overs – Introduction and Day 1

Hi Constables

Soccer Overs is a tipping service for football, which is quoted on the sales page as “The World’s Favourite Game”.

Well football my favourite game anyway, not sure if I’m representative of the “world”, however!

Using analysis and satistics is my preferred way of betting on soccer, but this is a pure tipping servivice. So my first thought is to wonder how the tips are generated, but the author, Dave is quite upfront about this, saying, “I’ve been crafting a powerful football bet selection formula for many, many years and experienced an amazing breakthrough back in October 2008. It works like magic and the formula would certainly sell but please don’t ask me for a revelation! It’s TOP SECRET and won’t ever be revealed…”

From the sales page and name of the service, it seems his selections are going to be on the Over 2.5 Goals market, which is an area I have been researching myself, so that will make this trial especially interesting for me. Dave promises tips throughout the year, even when there is nothing doing in the UK.

He offers a 7-day free trial and then either a £30 per month or £70 per quarter subscription service.

My enrollment in the service was delayed for some reason and I simply started getting the tips without any explanation. None is needed really as the tips are clear and unambiguous. But the sales page does promise  a STAKING PLAN to maximise the bank and profits. I have asked Dave for a copy, but meanwhile on with the review.

I will start with a Bank of 100 points and my reports will monitor this level. The first three tips advise a stake of 10 points on each bet, so on that basis my bets will be £10 each. (£1 per point).

DAY 1 – 4th October

Good start!

Three tips and two winners!

The three odds quoted in the e-mail advice are 1.6, 1.72 & 1.63 – Not great odds, but, clearly if Dave can maintain a 66%, or better, success rate then profits can be made.

The first thing I noticed was that the advised odds were with three different Bookies, presumably the ones offering the best odds. It may be difficult to spread the bank across enough Bookies to cover all the advised best odds. Chasing best odds can be time consuming, but the three matches were somewhat obscure, so hopefully the odds will be stable during the period between receiving the e-mail and getting on.

Because of these difficulties I decided to compare the odds on offer on BetFair which were 1.61, 1.69 & 1.63 respectively, at the time the email was received. So this does offer the possibility of having all the 100 point bank in one Betfair account rather than over multiple Bookie accounts. Of course all the Betfair bets will be subject to commission whereas the Bookie bets won’t be.

Anyway, for comparison, I’ll report the fate of the balance with both Bookies and Betfair, assuming a 5% commission on Betfair.

Tomorrow, 5th October, there are only matches in the mighty Johnstone’s Paints Trophy, the Conference and some Irish matches, so it will be interesting to see if Dave comes up with any tips.

Day 1 – 4th October

3 bets – 2 wins

Bookie Results:

Daily P/L: + 3.20 points

Cumulative P/L: + 3.20 points

Running Balance (100 point starting bank): 103.20 points

Betfair Results (after commission):

Daily P/L: + 2.35 points

Cumulative P/L: + 2.35 points

Running Balance (100 point starting bank): 102.35 points

P.S. I just received a reply, saying they recommend a 100 point starting balance and most bets will be to 10 points. So my starting balance is the same as that recommendation.

That’s all for now,

Sgt Rich

[Click Here to see the sales page for Soccer Overs…]