Sovereign Racing Introduction

26th September 2014


Sovereign Racing

Sgt David – Introduces Sovereign Racing

I have been involved with betting from both sides of the fence for around 50 years. Recently I have been taking punting and the study of betting more seriously and this is my fourth review for BST having started at about this time last year. Bet Alchemist was the first and that proved quite successful but the other two while showing promise failed to make a profit during the trial period.

Whilst I am a backer as far as football is concerned, I am primarily interested in laying where horses are concerned so have no conflict of interest when following a review.

The vendor

Distributed through Betting Gods with whom I have previously have contact on an unrelated matter ( not a complaint ) and Darren seemed most helpful.

Physical address is

Betting Gods Ltd, 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ

Company Registration No. 09192048

The tipster himself remains anonymous but a live email address is given for Darren.

The cost

Neither a free trial nor money back guarantee is mentioned but there is a £4.95 trial for 30 days. In the supplier’s notes there is reference to a 60 day full refund which is standard with Clickbank.

The payments are of the continuous payment type, so if not wishing to continue, the onus is on the customer to terminate rather than not renew.

Payment terms after the trial period are £34.95 per month with a discounted rate of £79.95 per quarter and £199.95 for life.

Not readily apparent is a note to say that all prices exclude VAT. Along with the 60 day guarantee it had to be searched for, but this may be more due to the slightly disjointed pages than any deliberate attempt to hide them.

The system

The Sovereign Racing review appears totally straight forward.

The selections will be virtually all on UK horse racing ( to date I found 3 of 294 from Ireland ).

System requirements

Nothing special.

One email per day with selections all 1pt win only stakes to BSP (Betfair Starting Price). It does say 2-3 selections per day but that is going to be on the low side judging by the first few days.

Not only does this make life easy, it means everyone gets the same results. Emails are said to arrive by 11.30 or 12.00 depending where one looks but this would appear very tight during the winter months with such an early start to racing and some people may struggle to get bets placed in time. However, there is nothing to say that emails will NOT arrive before then so that can be monitored. Emails are clear and well presented along with some rationale behind the tips.

Staking and Betting Banks

A 50pt bank is suggested but for the reasons stated below a losing run isn’t too unlikely and I would suggest a more conservative approach if nervous of a losing streak at the beginning.

Selections will not solely be short priced favourites and losing runs are therefore inevitable.

Anticipated review period

56 days from 24th September.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt David Introduces Sovereign Racing