Speed Ratings – days 10 to 13

14th January 2013

Sgt Colin reviews Speed Ratings

Two services being reviewed here – Slow Horses, layed daily and Fast Horses, backed to win / place at weekends only. We also get Fast Horse selections in the week, but these are not account bets.

Slow Horses

After 9 days we’d gained 2.6 points, having had one “winner” (losing bet) out of 8 layed horses

10th January – no selections

11th January – 1 selection, unplaced, but outside the odds limits

12th January – 2 selections, layed at 6.0 & 6.1, coming in 2nd & 4th. 1.9 points gained!

13th January – 2 selections, again unplaced but outside the odds limits.

So starting with the advised bank of 75 points, we’ve so far gained 4.5 points, ending with 79.5 points.  Total liability to date, 42.3 points, ROI 10.6%.

Fast Horses

4 selections over the weekend, and although all of them were placed, we didn’t have a winner. 1.85 points lost.

Opening bank: 75 points  Loss to Date: 1.85 points Bank: 73.15 points.


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Sgt Colin reviews Speed Ratings


Admin Note

The vendor has requested that we stop reviewing his product for no apparent reason. He has stopped sending the selections so we have to stop but as we haven’t been given a fair chance to review the service we have no choice but put it in the failed category.