Sports Betting Champ Final Review

Sports Betting ChampHi Bloggers,

First, please accept my apologies for the lack of updates on sports betting champ.  I have been involved with various personal issues, including bereavement, which have taken up a considerable amount of my time over the last few weeks.

Right, back to the review of the John Morrison strategy, sports betting champ, which seems to involve all sorts of amendments to the results to achieve his 90-92% win rate.  The major problem with sports betting champ is if the “C” bet loses and you have gambled the largest amount to recoup previous losses, and also it takes around 25 bets to recoup your losses.

In the series since this review 2 of the “C” bets have “LOST”, however the author of sports betting champ seems to go to extraordinary lengths to change the rules and avoid these losses.  I have received e-mails from him stating that you should never back a team when the “RPI” is below a certain figure, although this is  mentioned  in the system e-books, it would probably be a good idea to state in the e-mail giving the original bet that you should check the RPI before each game.

There is one other issue with sports betting champ, which has never been mentioned to my knowledge.

All members are encouraged to set up an account with “BETUS” and use them for your bets, John Morrison then wants to know your account “ID”,  so he can pass on some of his profits each year to his clients.   Personally I am still waiting for my money and suspect that every “member” is in the same boat.

To wrap up, sports betting champ is simply  a scam!

Sgt Philip