Sports Betting Club – Final Review

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Hi Constables,

After a conversation with the Commissioner, it has been decided to halt the review of the Sports Betting Club after 56 days (8 weeks). Enough evidence has been gained in that time to be able to provide an informed opinion.

I rate this system as neutral (2.5 stars) but would advise people thinking of buying this service to read the below regarding risk and betting bank considerations – I rate it as 2.5 stars as 2 stars would fail it, but at recommended stakes of £100 it made a good profit. 3 stars would pass it, but not everyone could bankroll the bets at those stakes and some may not appreciate the rollercoaster ride that can happen once in a while.

Sports Betting Club is a tipping service from Profit World.

The service currently costs £49.95 a month, and you receive a daily email with tips for Golf, Football (backing, laying and perm/accumulator), Tennis and Golf. During the review, 2 horse racing lays turned up somewhat randomly so they will get a mention as well.

For the purposes of the review, I used a 300 pt bank where 1 pt = £2 – therefore a £600 bank to start with.
Importantly, a £100 per bet basis is advised, so in fairness to the system owners, I will discuss the results as if you were using 1 pt = £100. All bets were staked at 1 pt per selection with the exception of the football perms (staked at 1.2 pts to cover all bets) and Golf each way bets which were staked using 1 pt, but with 0.5 pts on the win and 0.5 pts on the place.

So how did it do?

The final cummulative profit/loss figure was 29.78 pts (or £59.56) for our £2 stakes. This, once again was over 8 weeks which would have seen us paying £99.90 in subscription costs, so a defecit of £40.34.
However, if using the recommended £100 stakes, the profit/loss figure of 29.78 pts becomes £2978 minus £99.90 subscription costs = £2878.10 – much more impressive!

It is clear from the above that this system does not function well at lower stakes. So my first thought is that this is for people with sizeable betting banks. This is probably best demonstrated with the first Saturday’s tips. 9 Football lays which all won. However, the average lay price over the trial was 2.75, so anybody backing these would need (using 2.75 as a guide) a bank of £1575 to cover these at the recommended £100 stakes. In addition, there were 4 football backs (£400 in stakes) and 1 perm/acca (£120 in stakes). So for this 1 day, you would have need £2075 at recommended stakes to back all the tips. (although there was a clear profit of 8.1 pts or £810 on the day). So this covers my one of my two points – betting bank considerations.

The other point to be considered is that of risk.

It would appear that the cornerstone of this service is the golf tips. They come in a variety of ways, backing in two balls, laying in 3 balls and the blockbuster bet – the each way bets on the US/European tournaments. Typically, for each tournament, you are advised to bet 0.5 pts each way on 5 selections (in the masters, there were 6 selections). The odds on the candidates have tended to range from around 5/1 to 80/1, mostly in the 12/1 to 25/1 category.

With 2 tournaments at a time not uncommon, that is 10 each way selections with a total outlay of 10 pts (so a straight £1000 at recommended stakes). There were 2 weeks that define the highs and lows of this risk. Week 6, 10 each way bets, returning 1 place only – with the other golf bets, a loss of -13.2 pts (-£1320 at recommended stakes). Week 7, however, 10 each way bets returning 1 winner and 2 places gave us a profit of +24.37pts (+£2437 at recommended stakes).

So this method contains some volatility which is why I use the term risk. Yes gambling is a risk at all times, but the type of risk (£1000 per tournament) is a risk that only a small percentage of people might be willing to take on.

Once again, I rate this system as neutral, and for the above reasons, people who like a risky gamble and can afford to bankroll the selections are those that might consider this system. I also hope you will see why this doesn’t need to go to it’s full review period, and why I feel I can give an informed opinion on it now.

Any comments welcome.

All the best,

Sgt. Rob.

[Click Here To See Sports Betting Club…] Rating: ★★½☆☆