Sports Betting Club – Introduction

Hi Constables,

My name is Rob Bird – I used to be a computer programmer and now I drive trains for a living.  With all that excitement in my life (!),  James has kindly taken me under his wing asked me to review the Sports Betting Club product.

This consists of a daily email containing Football selections (back, lay and perms), Golf selections and Tennis selections.

If you had used the product over the last 4 years, you would apparently be over £120,000 in profit to £100 stakes.

For the purposes of this review, I will be using a 300 pt bank (where 1 pt = £2) which equates to £600.

All bets to be placed at 1 pt (£2).

For the lay selections, I will take an early price on Betfair if I am not going to be around at the time of the event.

For the football back/perm selections, golf selections and tennis selection I will use the prices I can find on BlueSquare.  Better prices are almost always available on Betfair, but it is easier for me to manage my statistics this way 🙂

Day 1 review to follow shortly.


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