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Sports Betting Dynamics

February 4th

Hi Bloggers

This is RM Dave i enrolled for a free trial of this Sports Betting Dynamics Service  on January 25th and which will end on 28th February.

Of course i will still continue the  sports betting dynamics review after this period . I will be posting the results for the period 25th January  to February 3rd soon so far it is doing pretty good and the service is concentrating on NBA selections for this period. When you enroll for the free trial you get access to the 2010 results for the NFL matches from the September 19th 2010 to 19th January 2011 the sports betting dynamics service had 108 bets of which 68 were winning ones that is a 62.97% strike rate this produced a profit of 409.70 points to advised stakes. Now as it is a Sports Betting Service they do suggest that you follow their staking advice now as i am bit old school and prefer things to level stakes i was a bit concerned on how much you actually staked to get this 409.70 points profit so based on a very quick calculation it was 1156 points which means it is a very impressive 35.44% ROI.  Also  on the results sheet is the NBA results from the 25th October 2010 to January 19th 2011 now these were not as impressive as the NFL but still produced a 209.50 points profit to total stakes of 1246.05 points which still worked out at a very  good ROI of nearly 17% , the strike rate for NBA was 59.38% it had 117 winning bets from 197 bets.

Also you have access to a short PDF called Bet Advice where they run through different terms the four main betting outlets that the sports betting dynamics service uses is Betfair, Bet 365, 5 Dimes and Pinnacle although occassionally they may use another bookmaker. When you get your  e-mail you will get the selection or selections with a staking advice saying something like (risking 4.4 units to win 2 units) – odds 1.45 pinnacle nothing to worry about units is the same as points but for the review i will keep it to points and where possible keep the US jargon to the minimal. So on paper this one looks very interesting but lets see what it does during the review, the service is run by a gentleman called Tom Daxton who says he has been doing this for well over 6 years and claims the service will make you instant profits without the hype and nonsense. The only thing i do not have available is how much the service will cost once the free trial has finished as soon as i get that i will put it in my posting. Now as for staking as i have found out that the service operator recommends a 300 point starting bank, thanks to Constable Mike for the information. On with the review.


RM Dave

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