Sports Cash System Introduction

27th August 2013


Sgt Jordie – Introduces Sports Cash System

 Hi, I am Ron

I will be reviewing Sportscashsystems.

This will be my first review of a betting system.

I have had an interest in Greyhound and Horse Racing since i was young and systems for over 20 years.

The Sportscashsystem web page is clearly set, with a welcome Banner and to the side a few tips from The site owner Tommy Krieg.

System Plan History.

An offer from the sportsbook they recomend 

This is followed by there training videos of which there are 3 and a PDF file to download 10 Tips to become a succossful sports better.

The Videos

1. How Sportscashsystems works.

2. How to use betonline recomended sportsbook to make bets

3. The PDF Download

4. Understand the system how to reinvest your profits

To the side of thee is there Extra tips  which are not a part of the the bet of the day, your choice to use them.

How much Bankroll you will need to make certain profits

Then 2 Important notices.

They use the Martingale system of betting of increasing your bet after a loser, Stake x2.1 The System Is Bust After 4 Losing Bets and you revert back to your original stake.

At the moment the bets are all baseball, In the next few weeks they will include bets from the NFL Football, College Football, Basketball and Ice Hockey.

They would appear to bet on the win lines betting, you back on an outright winner to win.

This is a + or- figure ie. -110 you put on 110 to win 100, or +110 you put on a 100 to win 110.

Money Lines – The most straightforward type of bet, money lines is simply betting on which team will win the game outright.

While some evenly-matched games may feature two teams with the same juice at -110 (Bet 110 to win 100), far more often there is a clear favorite and underdog. popular teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are sometimes favorites up into the -300 (bet 300 to win 100) range against lowly opponents. who sometimes get into the +250 (bet 100 to win 250) range as big underdogs.

I.e. Cincinnati Reds -153 over the Milwaukee Brewers. You would bet 153 to win 100

I am so far not impressed by this systems form.

Money Lines is not a bet that Betfair or Bet365 cover, both said that they covered bets on American sports, but at the present they will not be adding any more.  This leaves you to take out an American Sportsbook, to cover this betting system.

16th August till 21st August 6 Bets 5 Losers, 1 winner. This is a 17%win and an 83%lost.

The Bets

16/08/13 Arizona Diamondbacks +136 over the Pittsburgh Pirates Lost 

17’08/13 Atlanta  Braves -115 over the Washington Nationals Lost

18/08/13 San Francisco Giants -170 over the Miami Merlins Lost

19/08/13 Oakland Athletics -184 over the Seattle Mariners Win

20/08/13 Colorado Rockies/Philadelphia Phillies over 8.5pts total in the game Lost

21/08/13 Chicago Cubs -105 over the Washington Nationals  lost

Placing a 10pt base bet would be as below

16/08/13:  -136 =13.60pts  13.60pts lost  -13.60

17/08/13: -115 = 15.oopts  31.50pts Lost  -45.10

18/08/13: 170 =  17.00pts 48.51pts  Lost -146.97

19/08/13: -184 = 18.40pts 38.64pts Won  -46.97

20/08/13: over/under = 10.00pts     Lost   -56.97

21/08/13: -105 = 10.50pts 21.00pts Lost  -77.97pts

From the  31st July to the 21st August: they Place 22 bets on their play of the day

22 Bets 9 winners 13 losers 41% win and 59% lost

They also have an extra picks daily, where they pick 2 or 3 games.

over the period of the 16/08/13 to 21/08/13 they have given 9 tips.

1 win 10% and 5 lost 90%.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Sports Cash System]


Sgt Jordie Introduces Sports Cash System