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Another week passes and we see that sports betting conquest has been found out! And Six Figure betting gets the thumbs down from well respected Matt Bisogno from, that’s good enough for me!

But I have for you today a Sports betting service that I have been following since October and if I am being honest I wanted to help this guy launch his site and had a bit of bee in my bonnet that he decided to go elsewhere for marketing.

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The problem is I like to get at least 3 months results up front and the majority of times I prefer 6 months of results before I push the product.

Well 18 weeks or so later I’m happy to announce that Shaun’s Sports Power Tips is doing the Job!

I am going to get it reviewed on the blog for 3 months and I’d love to have you join me on this review.

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Here are the fully verified results that I have received on this service since August 20th 2009.

Shaun uses a points staking system where:

1/2 a point = £10

1 point = £20

2 points = £40

3 points = £60

4 points = £80

5 points = £100

As a member you can choose how much your 5 point stake is I would say 5 points should be 10% of your bank so if you had a £500 bank, 5 points would be £50 and 1/2 a point would be £5. Looking over Shaun’s past results I know that this type of bank and staking would work perfectly, It doesn’t matter if you start with £100 or however much you would like to invest.

From August 20th – August 31st the service made 188 points profit! So with a £100 bank that’s £376 profit in 11 days. Its not hard to see how impressed I was at the start but I stuck to my guns and kept him proofing.

Then things started to get unbelievable…

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September – 291 points profit

October – 69 points profit

November – 41 points profit

December – 50 points profit

From a marketing point of view any marketer would say they were glad to see the profit fall down to a respectable level because there is a factor here that if it looks to good to be true then it most probably is, so the months with shorter profits were welcomed in my opinion.

You can download the whole of the results here:


So in the simplest terms, had you used:

£2 base stakes = £1278 with a starting bank of £100

£5 base stakes = £3195 with a starting bank of £250

£10 base stakes = £6390 with a starting bank of £500

This is without compounding after each bet.

Join me through out January February and March in the review of Sports Power Tips!

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