Sprint Lay Expert – Introduction

Sprint Lay Expert

Sgt Tony-Introduces the Sprint Lay Expert

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Welcome to a new system that we have under review from 1st April. It comes from Chris Castell, who also brought us Laying Autumn Profits, Laying Winter Profits and Laying Spring Profits (this last mentioned system is currently also being reviewed by me).


According to the statistics on the website, the Sprint Lay Expert has proved to be consistently profitable for the last five years. The strategy behind the success of the systems is looking for value lay bets, and factoring some strategies that are overlooked by most punters, so that you can be in a position that should maximise your profitability. In essence, the system is looking for criteria that most punters look for when they want to back a horse to win. There are a couple of factors that will be filtered out and added in that claim to make the long term effect swing well in your favour.

The system firstly looks at horses that ran well in their last race, and were favourites to win that race. This will ensure that the mass punting public will pile on money, causing the horse to drop in odds lower than what it should be. This will ensure that you will obtain value, which is essential if you are going to be profitable at betting. The system then filters out dangerous factors like large shifts in class or number of days since it ran last for example and also filters a few other factors that are specific to the race groups.

According to the website, the system has given 35 profitable months out of the last 40, and the 5 losing months average about 4 points loss each. This consistency has resulted in over 183 points profit during the past 5 seasons. The statistics show that for each losing month they had, they also have 7 successful months of profit, and the average losing months are so small that the profitable months surge ahead. There are several times each year when they claim to have had some good runs of successful lay bets, including runs of 13, 14, 15, & 17 a couple of times.


The system is only interested in UK FLAT racing between the 1st April and the 30th November. It ignores all other races, including Irish, UK NH and racing abroad. The lay price range must be between 1.80 and 6.10


Your bets should be placed at about 60 seconds or less before the off. This is best achieved using a bot, and there are several on the market that you could choose. If you don’t have a bot, or you simply don’t want to use one, your other option would ideally be to place your lay bets manually about 60 seconds or less before the race. You would have to be at your computer to do this. If you weren’t able to be at your computer just before the race off, you can still place your bet if the price available before you go out is within the given odds range of the system. Please be aware however, that the history of results they have had are with the horses being available at the price ranges as stated in each system. If you place your bets earlier on in the day, you may end up with a bet made on a horse which could have drifted or steamed out of the price range, so for the system to work to the letter, in that event, you would not have that horse as a selection. This would probably not happen that often, but it is something to bear in mind. You can by all means place your bet at any time of the day, but the recommendation is about 60 seconds before the off time, but it is not a rule.


They are offering some large discounts for a short period of time

Purchase the Sprint Lay Expert System – If you would like to purchase the system and find the selections for yourself each day, then this option is £67 reduced to £15

Daily Subscription Service – Monthly Payment – If you would like to have the selections for each day’s racing emailed to you, then this option is £59 per month reduced to £15 per month

One Off Payment – To cover the entire 2011 season for a one-off price – £472 reduced to £49

I don’t know how long they will keep this offer running, as they claim that when they reach 200 sales or subscriptions, the discounted price will be removed.

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Sgt Tony- Introduces the Sprint Lay Expert