Stateside Sports Pro Introduction

4th October 2011

Stateside Sports Pro

Sgt Jonny Introduces Stateside Sports Pro

Hi Bloggers, it’s Sgt Jonny, a new reviewer here at Betting System Truths.  I’ve actually used the Betting System Truths website for some time now, and recently made the decision to become a reviewer here! I’m a part-time trader on Betfair, and I also like to investigate other methods of profiting from sportsbooks. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring some of my experience to this review.

Stateside Sports Pro, despite the name, is a service giving out “soccer” tips. This is a straightforward tipster service providing back-bets to its members.

Cory Daniels, the tipster behind Stateside Sports Pro, says he has been making a living from betting for the last three years and has now decided to share his picks with his members.

The Stateside Sports Pro service has actually been beta testing since the 1st of July. The results of this testing have been fully verified by Betting System Truths and the service has turned a £100 starting bank into £248 in the last three months. This gives an extremely respectable 148% ROI! These results are available as an excel spreadsheet to download from the website. (link to the website is at the bottom of this introduction)

These tips have been given out completely free, and will continue to be until the 31st of October, when it will become a paid service. The cost has yet to be confirmed, but is likely to include a sign-up fee as well as monthly installments.

Picks are sent out by email, normally in the morning, and there are normally around three picks a day. All picks are football, but are for a variety of countries and competitions as well as in a variety of markets. There have been picks from the final result, Under/over and Asian Handicap markets among others. Average odds are 1.79 with a strike rate of 66.5%.

The recommended staking plan is 2% of the bank, with the 2% recalculated each day. I’ll try to record results for a standard fixed 1 point per bet staking plan as well as the recommended one. I’ll start with a 100 point bank.

This review will be for 56 days, unless I see a reason to extend it. Hopefully I’ll be posting updates every two or three days. Feel free to post any comments and I’ll post a reply as soon as I can.

[Click here to visit Stateside Sports Pro – 4 week free trial available]


Sgt Jonny Introduces Stateside Sports Pro