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I feel today it is my duty to uncover what I have found  during my diligence of JCA Racing And Gold Lay.

Here we have two people, one is Colin Andrews who spent nigh on 4 hours via Skype begging me not to do what I am doing right now. And Aiden Colin’s The owner of Gold Lay.

I was getting very suspicious at the times of day I was getting emails back from this pair which was one after the other so I decided to check the broadband providers they were sending me emails from and also the IP address, see image below.. (IP address determines the internet connection and computer being sent from)

Click Here to open up the image…

So as you can see from the image the emails from these two people were sent from the same IP address and also the computer! So who ever is running Gold Lay and JCA Racing they are one in the same person.

However upon contacting Colin he tried to tell me that He and Aiden are flat mates. This is just lies and deceit from the beginning.

I am today ending the reviews of JCA Racing and Gold Lay because I believe that you are all being lied to in the worst way possible. It is one thing creating an alias to protect your self from prying eyes on the internet and another to deceive punters. I think that what ever money you have tied up in these two services get it out fast.!

Further to this just recently Gold Lay has been having disastrous results I received emails from some very unhappy customers saying there whole banks were wiped out by gold lay, and now JCA racing from Colin has had a wipe out sequence and then straight after this there is no communication coming from either camp.

I believe both of these services to be a SCAM. And will be placed in the Scam section of betting system truths. I contacted Colin & Aiden to let him know what was happening about 20 minutes ago, and his reply is below..


On 15 Apr 2010, at 13:06,

James Fitzmaurice wrote:

Colin you think I am going to give you extra time so that you can sell your website. I go public today…

Best Regards, James Fitzmaurice


Colin’s Reply is below…

Dear James, I am selling the site… But I want extra time because I am exposing someone in the industry. I can reveal who Jamie Kelly is…. and you know him. I think its worth the wait.

Regards, Colin


So There is this little war going on somewhere between “Jamie Kelly” who I think was behind the 5 star tipster that scammed hundreds of people and lost their complete banks and Colin Andrews if we can call him that. I just have no idea and I must say that there is so many alias in this industry and dishonesty I am completely stumped!

By all accounts on Sunday Colin will be emailing 53000 of his subscribers to let them know who Jamie Kelly really is, and I supposedly on the above evidence already know who he is…

I am guessing it is Iain Lewington as there has been some very shifty movement in the winning selections camp very recently with his site closing down almost! And him trying to run one of those syndicates again which he supposedly stole thousands of pounds of peoples money from last time…

Anyway beware and pass this word around every betting forum you know of. Get the word out about this and stop any innocent punters getting stung by these scoundrels.


James Fitzmaurice

The Commissioner

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Hi Bloggers

Well, there have been some strange goings on since the last review, which took us up to day 44. Here is what happened:

At the end of day 44 the closing bank stood at £1,273.60 – an increase of 27.3% over the 44 days of the review so far. Day 45 showed a profit of £4.41 and day 46 was Good Friday, when there was no racing. Day 47 was a Saturday, when there are no selections. Day 48 showed a profit of £16.13 and I was then away travelling on days 49 and 50, so was unable to access the system. I asked the author for the selections but received no reply, despite three emails. I then asked James to contact the author, but again, no response was forthcoming. I was able to access the selections and results for days 51 and 52, but did not calculate the financial results as I needed the two missing days first (it is a cumulative system, using a progressive staking system, so you must have all the data to calculate the next stakes value).

When I tried to login to get the selections for day 53, my login was rejected as invalid. Day 54 was a Saturday, so again there were no selections . I then tried again to login on days 55 and 56 (today, 13 April) but the login was again rejected. We have made several more attempts to contact the author but have had no responses.

This is odd, as the site is still functioning every day and producing selections (look at the Results tab for proof, although only the winning selections are shown). In addition, the author has been very good at providing help at all times in the review up to this point. James and I are at a loss as to what is happening, so I have no option but to suspend the review for the time being. If I get the missing data and have my login restored, I can backdate the results and carry on.

Until then, watch this space…..

Kind regards


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