Total Football Trading The Paper Chaser – Days 38 to 42

6th January 2012

Hi Bloggers, Sgt Colin here.

5 days to review on this post, trading on three. The system only works with evening kick offs, so the holiday programme really doesn’t suit the approach.

30th December
Finished the year with a small win, as I backed Liverpool at home to Newcastle @ 1.57, closing out when the odds shortened to 1.54. A gain of 1.85 points

3rd January
A small number of matches with sufficient funds staked, but only Mirandes v Santander was worth trading. Backed the home team at 2.4, laying at 2.36 to gain 1.61 points.

Wednesday 4th January
2 matches with money being placed – I decided to trade Everton at home to Bolton. I layed Everton at 1.55, but they shortened to 1.52 (when I closed out) – and even further to 1.48 by the usual closure time. This trade could have been a very profitable one had I placed the trade later – and getting the timing right remains one of the potential pitfalls in using this approach successfully. Lost 3.59 points on this trade.

Thursday 5th January & Friday 6th January
Only a single game eligible for trading on each day, but neither provided compelling evidence to trade.
This left the week as a virtual break-even.
34 trading days gone for The Paper Chaser
82 selections, 45 winners, 28 losers, 9 break-even (56% hit rate).
Cumulative gain 109.7 points,
Betting bank 1109.7 (from 1000 start point).
ROI  – using the risk investment methodology. 35.9% (see Day 24’s blog for calculation method)

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Sgt Colin – Total Football Trading The Paper Chaser