The All Weather Specialist Reviewed

The All Weather Specialist Review

Product name: The All Weather Specialist

Author: George Alan Foster

Company Info:  Sole Trader – Lily Farm House, Pean Hill, Whitstable, Canterbury, CT5 3BJ, UK

Results: Over 18 months of results in spreassheet format at first contact.

Where To Buy?: The All Weather Specialist Review – Contact George by email

Type Of Service: All Weather Selection Service



We are reviewing a new service called the All Weather Specialist run by George Foster.

George came to us recently and asked if we would review his new service and so it has begun.

George says that he started to concentrate on All Weather racing after losing so many meetings to the weather during a bad winter a few years ago.

He says he found a number of patterns that not many people know about and that has given him an edge.

He even says he enjoys watching the evening racing so that he doesn’t have to watch TV with his Wife!

George sent us his results, which covered an 18 month period, and they look pretty impressive making 653.76 points profit to level stakes and increased a £100 start bank to nearly £29,000 using 1% stakes.

During our review, we will give a weekly update of the all important profit/loss figures along with the stats and have a spreadsheet available with results using level stakes and 1% stakes.

You can view our review here:

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You can also see George’s free site here:

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  1. jason

    I have been a member since 31/01/17 and i am down 18 points and at the moment the service is on a 27 bet losing run yes no wins in 27 bets to win bets only. 6/3/17 to very promising

    • Admin Paula

      Hi, Jason, that is unfortunate. It doesn’t look like there was a losing run of this length during our review. However there is plenty of long losing runs in the history and the service he offers seems to have recovered in the past.

      BST Admin

    • Sgt Pete

      Hi Jason, with higher odds selections like George’s you will get longer losing streaks. I have just analysed George’s results prior to March and the Expected Losing Sequence is 31, which is where we are now. This doesn’t mean that the next horse will win, of course, but it does indicate that the run is within the mathematical probabilities for George’s strike rate (22%), albeit at the higher end.

      If you are feeling uncomfortable you should stop betting and await a few winners or reduce your stakes as per George’s percentage system.

      I know this isn’t much consolation but I am following four different tipsters including George and they’ve all been poor since the start of March. This week (before Cheltenham Festival) is always a difficult one in any case, but even so…

      Best Regards



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