This Time Last…

7th July 2005 : Terrorists bombs are detonated in three crowded London subways on Londons Underground System and one bus during peak rush hour travel in a synchronized attack by suicide bombers thought to be members of al-Qaida, killing 56 people including the bombers and injuring another 700.

Hello Bloggers,

Well not the day we needed at all, I hoped things were going to go on a steady upwards surve, but a wipeout today, and a bad one at that, puts us well back down and just about wiped out all the headway we made over the last week

Stake £50


1.50 Newmarket    Roman Soldier   2/1

3.00 Newmarket     Redwood            11/4

8.00 Epsom     Crown Counsel          7/4

8.25 Leopardstown    Green To Gold 1/1

8.35 Epsom     Avon River          11/8

Won £00.00

Lost £250.00

Total £-250.00

Ratchet System (1000 bank-5% Stake. Min Stake £50)

Current Bank £265.39

Tomorrows stake £50.00


Total -5

Trial Total


Staked 156

ROI -10.38%


Sergeant Karl

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