Email I received Today, and no i won’t be on this launch. Where are the results? The past history?  Did Sports Betting Conquest not produce the sales you needed Kevin? Why Doesn’t Kevin ever use his real bladdy name! It really annoys me dear punter…

As you can see Kevin plans to take a huge portion of your money, £85  is just for the affiliate per sale!!! Once you decide to part with your money you will get hit with what is called upsells to further improve your purchase. Stay well clear. You will only be disappointed.

Dear JV Partners

We are writing you this email because we consider you a top betting
educator and a trusted associate. We invite you to be a launch
partner for our much-anticipated Betting Terminator System. Most “Heavy
Hitters” in the betting niche are already on board . And we’d be
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With a lucrative 50% commission for a  £57 product, plus two
top-converted, selling-like-hot-cake upsells priced at  £57 each,
you will get up to  £83 per sale and we are sure your audience
should be very receptive to the offer.  We believe this is our best
product ever.

Apart from the lucrative commission, you will be entitled for one
reciprocal mail out  of your offer to up to 20k subscribers of our
targeted, ultra-responsive betting list, which has been consistently
helped us to finish very high in top JV partners.

Our sales letters are written by the top copy-writers in the
industry and have been proven time-after-time to convert incredibly
well. In fact, our most recent sales copy converts at very high rate for our
JV partners.

“Betting Terminator” affiliate program is run through Clickbank.
If you don’t have a free ClickBank account, you can get it at

www dot clickbank dot com.

(replace dot with .)

For more information about the launch (including a sneak review of sales
letter, pre-written emails and tons of other marketing materials), hop on here:

I recommend that you sign up to our JVs list to receive earliest
updates on the launch as well as notification for our future
launches.You can contact me anytime if you have any questions.

You can e-mail me at jvpartner[at]  and I
will respond as quickly as I can.

Thanks for your time and I’ll talk to you soon,

The Betting Terminator Team

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